Hollywood jobs behind the cameraIf you truly want to work in Hollywood but don’t care to be an actor or actress don’t give up hope just yet. There are hundreds of other Hollywood jobs behind the camera to consider.

Are you interested in a Hollywood career, but are you afraid you don’t have the right look?

First and foremost, remember that casting directors are in need of individuals of all ages, ethnic background, and body types.

There Are Other Hollywood Job Opportunities Besides Acting

If you are still fearful about being an actress or actor in front of the camera, but still have your sights set on Hollywood. There is good news. There are a number of jobs that you can perform, all the while being behind the camera.

Where To Look For Hollywood Jobs Behind The Camera

Hollywood Screenwriter

Do you have a knack for creativity? Do you enjoy writing short stories, even just for your own personal enjoyment? If so, you may have a career as a Hollywood screenwriter.

Screenwriters are the individuals who write scripts for television shows and movies. Many screenwriters start out writing as script doctors. This involves brining a small amount of new life into a prewritten script.

Writing Opportunities In TV

If you are familiar with daytime television, you may already know that a wide range of writing opportunities are available.

For starters, all television shows have a head writer. This position is occasionally shared by two individuals, who are co-head writers.

Breakdown writers are also common in the industry, especially with daytime television. These individuals write specific scenes, with the guidance or outline of a head writer or head scriptwriter.

Your best bet for working in Hollywood as a writer is to have some formal training behind you.

With that said, all you really need is one big break. If you write an amazing pilot for television that someone sees and likes, it doesn’t matter how much formal schooling you have.

Hollywood Editing Jobs

In keeping with writing behind the scenes for Hollywood movies and television shows, there are also editors. This position is one that does exist, but some studios rely on a team of writers, not necessarily editors to review all work.

If you would like to work as an editor in Hollywood, education and experience is often required. A degree or experience in journalism or creative writing can give you an edge over the competition.

Costume Designer For A Hollywood Job Behind The Camera

Working as a costume designer is another Hollywood career that will allow you to work in the business, but behind the scenes.

However, it is one that is often forgotten about. Costume designers are known for their creativity; yet, it is a field of work that anyone can successfully get into with drive and determination.

Education For Hollywood Costume Designers

When it comes to improving your chances of success working as a Hollywood costume designer, you will find some variances.

Many recommended attending art or fashion design school, while other professionals claim that your time can be better spent working in the field.

If you are starting from scratch, such as if you have never made a costume or altered clothing before, a combination of the two may be your best option.

Me? A Hollywood Director?

Working as a director is the next most popular Hollywood job, aside from acting.

Unfortunately, it is one of the hardest to get into. Unlike acting or screenwriting, it is rare for an unknown to get that one big break in directing.

Instead, you need to insert yourself in the Hollywood scene and make a name for yourself.

As for how you can do this, learn as much as you can about the art of acting, producing, and directing. You can do so through schooling and internships.

The Person In Charge — A Job Behind The Camera With Status

Next to the producers, the director is the next in charge. This means that a lot of responsibility is placed on their shoulders.

That is why many television networks and film studios typically opt for well-known and already established directors. That doesn’t mean you won’t see success, but it may be a long road.

Working In Hollywood Jobs Behind The Camera : A Summary

Hollywood jobs other than actingAs highlighted above, there are a number of different ways that you can work in the media industry in Hollywood.

All without having to be in front of the camera.

These options are just a few of your choices. Some of your other options for Hollywood jobs behind the camera include working in casting, makeup, sound FX and music, depending upon your abilities, of course. Still want to act or sing in Hollywood? Go Here..

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