Actors – Read These Hollywood Audition Tips Before Going To An Interview

Hollywood audition tips

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Many models like to act too. You may not be one of them but, if you really want to get acting jobs in Hollywood, here are a few tips and some helpful Hollywood audition tips you should read first.

If you plan to act for a living or just part time, you’ll want to see these how to tips of auditioning for a Hollywood casting director.

If you have plans to become a successful Hollywood actor or actress the process almost always starts with auditioning.

An audition is where you are able to land a job or walk away empty handed. To ensure you don’t walk away disappointed, please continue reading on.

Auditioning For Hollywood Jobs – The Difference Between Beginners And Professional Actors – Practice!

Yes, but in reality, the acting process does not start at the audition itself. You need to practice and prepare for your audition at home.

This is important for newcomers, as you may be nervous and rightfully so, but never let that nervousness show. Practice your monologue or reading lines as much as possible.

Do so alone in front of your mirror, as well as with someone you know and trust. It is preferable if that individual is one who is comfortable providing you with positive and negative feedback.

Makeup And Apparel – An Overlooked Part Of The Audition

In addition to practicing for an audition, it is also important to perfect your appearance. Makeup can help to improve your appearance, but it should be tasteful and not overdone. If you will be doing your own makeup, as opposed to hiring a professional, practice at home.

Next, try on clothes. When auditioning, there are many who want to be comfortable. Yes, this is good, but never walk into an audition wearing your comfort clothes, especially if they consist of an old pair of jeans, shorts, or sweatpants.

A casting call is just like normal job interviews, and for either you should attend dressed professionally.

The Hollywood Auditioning Competition

Whether you attend a scheduled audition or an open casting call, you will not be alone. The waiting room will be filled with other hopeful, aspiring actors. If you have a scheduled audition, you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

The Confidence In A Smile

However, if you do, do not let the waiting get you down. No matter how nervous or frustrating it can be, you need to walk into the audition room with a smile on your face. It doesn’t matter whether that smile is real or fake, but it needs to be there. The initial walk in is your first chance to make a good, pleasant impression.

Do Not Be Late For Your Hollywood Audition

As previously stated, you may have to wait a short period of time for your turn at a scheduled audition or casting call. Although a wait can be distracting, show up early. You should never show up late, especially for a scheduled meeting.

If you do, you may lose your time slot. For open casting calls, you could be one of thousands that show up, so be sure to arrive early. Sometimes, the casting crew doesn’t even make it through the whole line.

Remember You Are Not A Novice Actor

If you are a beginner, never state so. Chances are the casting crew already has your resume.

Never, outright state that you are new to acting, that it is your first audition, or that you hadn’t had the chance to practice your lines.

You might assume this gives you an advantage if you deliver the best lines ever, but even still it can hurt you.

About Mistakes At Hollywood Auditions

Speaking of beginners, if you are new to auditioning for acting roles, you will likely make a mistake. After all, seasoned actors and actresses make mistakes on screen. So, it is not unexpected for you to have one.

Never highlight your mistake or ask for a chance to correct it. If you slip up on your lines, continue on. The ability to recover from a mistake is just as important as delivering perfect lines.

These are just a few tidbits of advice to help prepare you for your Hollywood auditions, but they are the easiest to put in place. Most importantly, always be prepared. Never walk into an audition not knowing material that was provided to you or what you are auditioning for.

Also, remember that an audition in Hollywood is not much different from interviewing for employment elsewhere, just with more talking involved. Now, go get ’em!

Want to Learn More Hollywood Audition Tips?

Hollywood audition tips and adviceIf you plan to become an actress or actor it’s best to learn from those who’ve been there. These Hollywood audition tips just barely scratch the surface for what it takes to work in Hollywood jobs.

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