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If you are like many models, you dream of the spotlight. Some decide to move on to other entertainment jobs. They consider Hollywood acting careers as an alternative way to enter the industry.

But, be aware this profession is just as desirable as modeling. Don’t just move to Hollywood and hope something happens. Here’s what one actor has to say. Listen, then decide if this is for you.

How Hollywood Acting Careers REALLY Get Started

As soon as you step off the bus in Hollywood, California you begin to wonder if there are acting careers available for you. But, in reality, the time to start thinking about Hollywood jobs is before you leave home.

Learn How to Get Into Acting Now!

A Career In Acting Doesn’t Start With Open Calls

Acting careers are a dream for many young hopefuls, but elusive by most. There is so much competition for acting jobs that you can’t afford to be unrealistic. Finding an acting job of any kind is almost always a bonus to your acting career.

As an actor, I have to go to every Hollywood casting call and audition that I think I have a chance for. Although as a more experienced actor I would have to worry about taking a role that might typecast me, as someone who’s just beginning I will take almost anything.

Should You Attend an Acting School?

What most people don’t realize is that acting careers don’t necessarily start with open casting calls. More often than not, the most important part of your acting career is going to acting school.

There are many different acting schools all over the country, and all of them have their strengths and weaknesses, but not all of them will teach you what you need to know. A school for actors should inspire you to really give it 110%.

It should also hook you up with the right people to advance your acting career. If you are not making connections, you probably aren’t at the right place.

Hollywood Acting Careers And The “Big Break”

Of course, there are always exceptions. The big part of a lucrative career as an actor is getting discovered, and this can happen in many ways.

With all the trash that is talked about child stars, most people don’t realize that many professional movie actors start off as child actors .

Acting as a child won’t necessarily lead to a lifelong career, but often times it does. As with any other skill, the earlier you start, the better you will get. Starting off early in life allows you to make a reputation early on and to begin your adult life ahead of the curve.

Acting Career in Hollywood? Get an Agent

Of course any career in acting requires good management. After all, careers in acting are about more than just landing roles. You have to get good publicity photos, a good agent, and the right connections to make it into the big league.

That doesn’t mean that there is no chance of making it based on your own talents, but it is hard without the proper representation.

Simply put, there are some the people out there trying to establish themselves as actors that, if you don’t have someone looking out for your best interests, you can easily get lost in the shuffle.

The Truth about Hollywood Acting Careers And Talent Agents

The good news is that a talent agent will represent you for a cut of your earnings. That means that, if you are not earning anything, you don’t have to pay the agent anything.

acting-professionallyAgents know that their livelihood is based on getting acting careers going, so they work extremely hard at what they do.

It has often been said that a good agent can even make it for a bad actor. But, don’t count on this.

To really start a Hollywood acting career, you need to plan, practice and then take action. Practice your trade, study, and take lessons if needed. Give yourself a head start as a Hollywood actor or actress!

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