high heel shoes and legs

high heel shoes and legs

Most girls love wearing heels. And, if you’ve been into modeling for a while, you know the value for the runway.

So, there’s no doubt about it; when you want to make a footwear fashion statement those high heel shoes and legs can make it happen!

Women are big fans of the fashion industry.

Putting together a costume is just plain fun.

With accessories, such as:

  • scarves,
  • jewelry,
  • hand bags,
  • hats
  • and high heel shoes,

one garment can be made into several outfits.

These coordinated clothes are suited to day wear, evening wear or a day at the beach.

Those High Heel Shoes and Legs Take Fashion Modeling to a Higher Level – The Shoe Phenomenon

One of our favorite accessories are shoes. The number and variety of shoe styles in your closet can make a lean wardrobe rich in fashion possibilities.

In particular, high heels are beloved. Although men find high heel shoes quite eye-catching, women & fashion models also love their high heels for purely selfish reasons.

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High Heel Shoes are the Ticket to Looking Fantastic in Your Little Black Dress

Most women like the fact that high heel shoes make them look taller, slimmer and emphasize a curvy calf.

A perfectly cute dress can look dowdy, worn with flats, whereas the very same dress takes on a vamp’s appearance when worn with high heels.

If you’re going to the beach, a casual sandal with roping on a platform base and ribbon ties winding up the leg is the footwear to put on with a summery dress.

A pair of flip flop sandals or sneakers just won’t make a head-turning fashion statement for you.

Remember the song by CCR? “Put on your high heeled sneakers, ’cause we’re goin’ out tonight …” There you go.

What about High Heel Boots? Do They Work as Well as Shoes?

Absolutely! Whether you are a teen girl or young woman, you should have at least one pair of high heel boots in your closet.

Of course, once you decide to wear the boots and are not used to higher heels, you will probably hate them at first since they are so awkward to walk in. But, once you get use to wearing the high heel boots, you will begin to feel and look sophisticated.

Young women, especially models love wearing high heel boots because the boots make them appear lean and very tall in photos.

Their legs also look much longer and more defined in fashion high heel boots.

Fashion models have even said that high heel boots make them have a sexier walk. Now you know their secret!

Boots are definitely making a huge comeback in fashion.

Why do Women Wear High Heel Shoes ?

Most men do think that women buy high heel shoes to please them.

This is true, up to a point. It’s also true that women wear high heels to show off their legs as well as their outfits. Other women glance at them to see if they look as good.

But mostly, women compete with other women for the men’s attention.

Regarding Spiked Heels, Healthy Legs & Feet

Spikes are the epitome of high heel shoes. Men love spikes and women do wear these just to please their man.

It’s amazing that women are willing to endure the pain caused by wearing them. No one would go for a walk in the park in such a shoe.

Spikes are part of what keeps podiatrists in business, squishing the ball of the foot into an anatomical nightmare position.

Worn regularly over a period of years, these good lookers can send you to surgery to correct the damage!

Vanity, Vanity; Just Look at the TV Shows Today!

Nonetheless, women will continue to wear high heel shoes, all for the sake of vanity. We all want to look good, so what’s a girl to do?

Let’s face the facts ladies. High heel shoes and legs are essential accessories in fashion so grab those spectator pumpsĀ  from your closet. Remember Imelda Marcos? She had over six hundred pairs of heels!

Dressed for the Part Wearing Your High Heels? What’s Next?

high heels

“Women will continue to wear high heel shoes, all for the sake of vanity.”

Now that you’ve learned about high heel shoes, it’s time to learn to wear them on the runway. Did you know you can learn how to become a model and work in fashion?

Of course, you’ll need a certain look. But, there are other modeling types as well.

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