Stock photo of original Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach SC

Stock photo of original Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach SC. This pyramid was replaced by the new building in 2016.

GONE — But not forgotten. I’m talking about the original Hard Rock Cafe, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Once an amazing icon of the Grand Strand, the cafe is now just a memory. All we have left of the famous attraction are pictures.

I was fortunate enough to create this one plus a few others before it disappeared.

Rights Managed Stock Photo of the Original Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach SC by Bob Pardue

I captured this stock image while Jean & I visited Myrtle Beach SC on a stock photo assignment years ago.

Looking back, I wish I’d have taken more time for extra pictures of the architectural wonder.

Caption: Stock Photo of the original Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach South Carolina USA

Description: The original Hard Rock Cafe was located at Broadway at the Beach, just a few blocks from Hwy 17, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. At one time, the attraction drew thousands of tourists (diners) each year and became a favorite place to eat among young and old. This pyramid structure was replaced by the new Hard Rock building in 2016.

About the Original Myrtle Beach Hard Rock Cafe

Whenever you trek to the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area, you’ll discover plenty to see and do.

Whether you want to…

  • do some sightseeing,
  • or, hit up the sand and surf at the beach,

You’ll want to check out shopping areas and more.

Whichever you choose, you will never have a dull moment in front of you at Myrtle Beach.

However, I remember an unusually unique dining experience which is now gone forever in its original form.

Alas, I saw nothing quite like the dining experience the historic Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach had to offer — in its original Egyptian style.

Unique Architecture of the Hard Rock Cafe

In its time, this Myrtle Beach destination was actually the only one of the cafe locations in the Hard Rock franchise shaped like a pyramid.

As a matter of fact, many locals and travelers alike could tell you that this restaurant was a must see stop on visits to the Grand Strand.

With the amazing and breathtaking shape of the cafe, I noticed it right away as it was truly hard to miss. The pyramid structure stood more than 70 feet in height, complete with incredible Egyptian themed decoration.

A Nostalgic Look at the Myrtle Beach Hard Rock Cafe

Inside the Hard Rock Cafe, the menu, was filled with some of the tastiest all American food items you could imagine. The menu included…

  • delicious burgers,
  • barbecue chicken,
  • perfect appetizers
  • and amazing desserts.

Not only was there something for every big rocker who came through the door, they found plenty of menu items suited for all the little rockers too!

Hard Rock Cafe Music Too!

The original Hard Rock Cafe in Myrtle Beach boasted all sorts of memorabilia while playing top music hits from several decades.

With that said, I want to be fair. Although the original Myrtle Beach Hard Rock Cafe was one of my favorites, the new one could be better — I haven’t visited so that outcome is for another travel story.

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