Can I Model with My Hands?

Do people often comment about how nice your hands look? If so, you may have the unique qualities to have a career in hand modeling.

  • What is it?
  • How do you start?

Here is a quick tutorial for beginner models. Hopefully this will help get you started in this career as a male or female hand model.

Read and watch the hand model video above.

Hand Modeling Tutorial

Hand Modeling Tutorial

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How to Become a Hand Model Tutorial

Hand modeling secrets – With this type of model career it’s about proportions, well cared for hands, cuticles with nicely shaped nails, long slender hands / fingers and an even skin tone.

These are some of the physical attributes of hand modeling. So, you really need to take a close look to see if your hands qualify.

Or, if you need to do some extra work to get them ready.

As with any other genre you begin with, you’ll have to put forth some work to really become a professional model.

Okay, Your Hands are Perfect

If you meet that criteria then your first step is to create a portfolio of pictures just as you would for any other type of modeling job.

But since it is just the hands, you might consider saving money by doing your pictures with the help of a friend instead of paying a professional.

Later down the road you’ll want to have the professional session.


Find Hand Modeling Examples and Practice

Browse through magazines and look on the Internet to see what types of hand modeling poses and backgrounds are used. This will give you great ideas for your own pictures.

Once you have your pictures ready it’s time to head to the model agencies.  Some talent agents have a special division for body parts modeling.

And, others have “as needed” types of opportunities.

Freelance Hand Models

If you decide not to go the agency route, you can also market yourself on the Internet.

You can build a website with your pictures ready for potential employers to see.

In addition, you can add your information to model search websites.

My suggestion is to do both but I would send the interested parties to the agent – let them handle the work conditions and pay negotiations for you.

Then, you can concentrate on getting your hands ready, practicing poses, and do other essentials for your hand modeling career to really take off.

Now, take a quick look at your hands and see what you need to do next.


Hand Modeling Tutorial

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