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How to Become a Hand Model – Hand Modeling Careers

Hand Modeling Careers – Want a Unique Body Part Model Career Option? – Try Hand Modeling

You know, if you have been dreaming of working in the modeling network, there are more opportunities than just high fashion. These hand modeling careers can be as lucrative as some other types.

One area to consider (if you have flawless hands and nails) is enjoying a career as a hand model – working in advertising and some editorial styles.

Hand modeling careers

Hand modeling careers

Becoming a Hand Model – What Does It Take to Model Your Hands?

First, having beautiful, well-structured hands does have its advantages, especially if you are thinking of a career in hand modeling or other body part work.

Males and females both can find modeling opportunities when it comes to this option. The field looks interesting, but several questions may arise as to how to actually develop it into a real career.

Are You Up for a Hand Modeling Career?

When the question of how to become a body part model pops up, people debate about the total length of the hand – or how slender the fingers have to be.

Fact; you need long shapely fingers capable of expression with just a few hand gestures.


Straight fingers must have well-manicured nails. A clean hand has smooth skin without scars. Men have to shave their hands, as hair can get in the way of a modeling assignment.

Steady Hands = Steady Jobs

Hand details are paramount to consistently get jobs.

For example, your hands must be steady when holding a product in front of a camera . If they tend to shake often, fashion photographers may not be as happy with the outcome.

If your hands are not steady enough, you might try solving the problem through physiotherapy and exercise before you make an attempt to contact model agency representatives.

Hand Models Need Strong Hands

This is something many girls or men don’t really think about when it comes to jobs as a hand model. The work sometimes requires enough strength to hold products over lengthy periods of time.

Imagine a shooting schedule extending to around 10 hours focused only on your hands.

The tendency for them to get tired is not only high but may cause future damage, if you do not have the strength to be withstand rigorous routines.

Marketing Yourself as a Professional Hand Model

It is natural to be a bit uncertain as to whether you can become a full-fledged model featuring your hands at the start of your career.

Learn to market yourself similar to how you would a full-fledged, fashion model types goal or do it online with the right marketing firms so you can reach your potential faster.

A simple way to do it is to create a website or Facebook page projecting yourself as a hand model. Add photographs, pages, and other details. Or, put up your work on modelling sites such as Model Mayhem to get your career off the ground.

You might be surprised at the number of queries coming in asking for an audition or asking you to attend open calls at different locations, sometimes international.

Another advantage of going online is the possibility of avoiding model agents. Get with a local agency for better results.

Special skills are not actually required to be a hand model if you meet the requirements above.

A project directly dealing with the client presents enough opportunities to build up a reputation and get further assignments with the same client. This can lead to other hand modeling jobs on recommendation.

Learn From Others…

You can imitate different situations you see in popular modeling assignments.

For instance, one of the most recognized hand modeling assignments is a James Bond promotional campaign where James Furino, a hand model, substitutes for Daniel Craig.

An assignment of this nature could be sufficient to get a bagful of offers in the future.

Diversify Into Other Body Parts Modeling Jobs

Once you have mastered the art of modeling with your hands, diversify into other body parts.

Hand models many times diversify into modeling with other body parts like legs or feet.

These opportunities can come along when you make the effort to keep yourself fit and take care of your entire body.

Serious about a Career? Take Care of Your Hands!

A 9-to-5 job does not demand you to take ultimate care of your body parts. Modeling does!

Take care of your entire body, and you could find yourself working in other types of modeling with just a bit more effort.

No matter the outcome, I want you to say; “I did my best in modeling.” so you’ll have no regrets.

Care should be taken to keep your hands flawless. Some models like Ashley Covington moisturize their hands 20 to 30 times a day!

They cover their hands with gloves to prevent exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Should you be that meticulous? Well, maybe not. But, if your hands are making you a living you’ll want to keep them in the best shape they can be, right?

I hope this tip gives you something to think about when it comes to stepping outside the box in modeling. Take a look at your hands and see if hand modeling careers can work for you. See you next time! – Bob


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