Too Short for Fashion? Try Hair Modeling as a Career!

How to Become a Hair Model

Got Great Looking Hair? Try a Different Type of Modeling

Many models, teens and female adults are gifted with great luxurious hair in all different shades and colors and are ideally suited for hair modeling jobs and are making
some good money doing it! Yes, if you believe you have what it takes a hair modeling career could be in your future. Read on ..

This tip and short video lesson is for those girls who want to learn the basics of modeling for women who don’t have quite the height for high fashion modeling jobs but still want to work in the entertainment.

These are the girls and young women who wash their curls every other day and use the best possible shampoos and other finer products.

Female fashion model posingHealthy Strands

Dandruff is never a problem, and healthy, flowing hair is just waiting to be discovered.

They are primed for the modeling network who needs these attributes and you’ll learn more about the industry if you fit into this type of category.

Why is Female and Teen Hair Modeling in Demand?

Manufacturers of products like Pantene and others are constantly on the lookout for models with great hair capable of enhancing the reputation of a shampoo or cream, for example.

Brushing and combing hair for beauty is a natural for girls, but models have to be flexible in terms of understanding what is needed to promote a product (this is what commercial agencies do) and then implement the necessary steps. It could involve changes in look and color.

How do Models Keep Up Their Beautiful Hair?

Healthy hair is recognized by clients (those who count) if it is regularly trimmed to avoid split ends, treated with necessary hair products like oils or creams to maintain a clean, luxurious look.

Models are generally chosen to promote shampoos, conditioners, hairdryers, tonics and other similar haircare products.

It really pays off to understand the type of shampoo that can be used for different hair types or conditioners capable of removing uncontrolled wavy hair.

Models are used to having their hair permed, bleached, dyed, and trimmed as is required by each job. They prefer to keep it naturally long and healthy, making necessary changes as needed.


Choosing the Best Hairdo For A Portfolio

The good talent agencies work with models by first preparing a portfolio with photographs in different poses.

Potential clients then decide on hiring a model based partially on these photographs.

A natural hairstyle must be consistently followed so that a portfolio does not require too many changes.

Changing Styles

If a model has long, beautiful hair and then decides to don a cropped look, her personality may appear different in pictures. So, a lot of thought needs to be given to the initial look, especially for these type beauty models.

The idea is to establish a hairdo that holds appeal for a wide range of products. In other words, potential clients may want the same look in the portfolio to appear in print or in front of the camera for their own products.
Work With A Modeling Agency to Create a Unique Hairdo

 Girls have some limitations in terms of making drastic changes in hairdo.

The ideal way to go about it is to work with some of the best
talent management companies
in creating the perfect, unique look capable of setting a standard for a certain range of products.

It ensures a consistent stream of assignments, as viewers often recognize a product by a model’s hairdo.

Working with an agent also helps in establishing and growing brand value. Assignments can be considered for ramp, print, fashion and other areas of modeling as well.

Hair stylists are also constantly on the lookout for new models to present different styles before a knowledgeable audience.

Assignments may not include walking the runway for teen models, but modeling jobs for
hair help models sustain luxurious, healthy hair over the long term.

Keep Records for Healthy Hair

Keeping track of treatments done in the past ensures the right hair treatment during teenage modeling assignments. Hair models have nothing much to lose in sporting a great hairdo every time.

If you feel that hair modeling is for you, keep studying and learning all you can so that you can be prepared when opportunities come your way! I hope you success!

Also, if you would like to learn more about modeling check out this page for a free gift and tips!

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