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Do you ever get tired of brushing your hair? Most girls don’t because they know that this one step leads to a more healthy scalp. But, what about the hair brush you’re using to perform this important step in beauty and hair care?

If you ask most young women, they will tell you all hair brushes are alike and one is no better than another.

But, if you have unruly or tangled hair, long, or you like sporting very short hairstyles read these brush solutions by a woman who loves her healthy hair.

But Wait! All Hair Brushes are NOT the Same – The Hair Brush Controversy

This report, along with other hair care sources, comes straight from beauticians and hair stylists so careful reading all of it virtually guarantees that you’ll know what they know about brushing your hair.

Most women will tell you that one hair brush is just as good as the next. This can be true enough for most people, but those with problem hair may think differently.

I have always had problems with my hair, and I can’t use just any brush. In fact, it is a rare day that I will put one though my hair at all. Because of the fragile nature of my natural curls, I have to be choosy about the brush I purchase and how often I decide I need to use it.

Are You a Victim of Tangled Hair? Does a Hair Brush Work?

I rarely use a hair brush and avoid it if possible. I always take the time to untangle my long curls after I have applied leave-in conditioner after my shower. Most times, I must use my fingers to gently get all of the tangles out.

This usually works well. There are times though, when I have no choice but to use the hair brush. When I do, it is because my hair is just too tangled and I have to get the tangles out. I always remember to brush it when dry, never wet, and to use care even then. My hair breaks very easily.

If you have hair like mine, you might want to avoid the hair brush. However, like me, you may find a time when you need to use one. If you have fragile hair, the best type to get is one with natural fibers that won’t pull on the hair too hard. They should be spaced out and placed on a flat brush back.

If you buy the round type hairbrush with tightly packed bristles, you may find that your hair breaks, and you may even get the hair brush stuck in your hair and will be unable to remove it.

Also remember to avoid using a brush when hair is wet, as it is far easier to damage it when the hair is moist.

For those who use a hair brush daily with no damage to the hair, almost any type will do.

However, it also might be wise to use one that is gentle on the hair to avoid the formation of split ends.

Some brushes come with a gel handle that puts very little stress on the hand when brushing. I have one of these that I use for my daughter, and I never realized how hard a handle can be on the hand until the gel took away that odd pressure.

Sometimes it is difficult to sort out all the details related to the subject of tangled or unruly hair, but I’m positive you will have no trouble making sense of the information about different types of hairbrushes presented above. You can find a brush to fit your needs online. Check out brushes here ..

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