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Break New Ground at Your Meeting with Good Modeling Agencies

Are you frustrated trying to decide what good modeling agencies want when you go to a meeting?

Well, when it comes to meeting the agent or going to modeling agency auditions here are some quick tips for you.

First of all, the talent agent is probably meeting with you because they’ve seen your photos ahead of time from your mail submission.

So, they probably called you and now want to meet with you.

Essentially, they want to see your personality.

And also, they want to meet you in person.good modeling agencies

Want to Wow the Modeling Agency? Stay Simple!

The model agents want to see how you look in person. So, remember to wear something simple like solid color very basic jeans and a t-shirt. I wrote a complete post about what to wear here.

Be cute. But, don’t wear overly sexy clothing or anything too fashioning.

Also, you want to keep your makeup basic and simple.

At Good Modeling Agencies, You Are More Than “Just a Model”

Keep in mind some of your hobbies extra activities you do the things you like other things you’re involved in besides modeling.

The agency is also going to want to see that your personality and other interests you are involved in, besides the modeling business.

So, I suggest coming up with things you’ve been doing sports wise, etc.

For instance, are you involved in track, baseball or any other sort of organization.

Mention if you have any other skills besides runway.

Are you going to college for something like the arts.

Definitely come up with things that show who you are and other abilities.Things like…

  • fashion design
  • photography
  • dance (ballet, contemporary, etc.)
  • acting
  • singing
  • you can think of more skills, can’t you?

You’re more than just a model. So, agencies want to see all you have to offer.

Because, for commercial print modeling as an example, agencies want to know you have something to offer more than just knowing how to pose.

Commercial print modeling really has less to do with posing and more to do with your personality and energy.

Take Awesome Photos to Your Meeting with Modeling Agencies

Be sure to bring some good photos. The agent might have seen photos from your mailed submission but now it’s time to bring extra pictures. And, if you mailed the comp card, I would bring more pictures with variety.

Show them your versatility.

Give them about 10 comp cards or photos they can keep on file. Don’t make the pictures too edgy or elaborate fashion shots.

Think about what the good modeling agencies want and what their models send in.

Use this example with your pictures…

  • smile shots
  • energy shots
  • fitness shots
  • all types of photos which show your true personality

Important: If you don’t have any photos of your smile and energy, you’re going to want to get some and bring them to the actual meeting. Also , include other modeling facial expressions for effect.

Don’t Have What the Model Agency Wants? Be Willing to Get It!

 good modeling agencies

good modeling agencies

When you’re at the meeting, mention that you’re in the process of getting those photos.

Show the agent that you are willing to do the work. Make them aware you are ambitious and you can help them by providing them what they need.

Why? The modeling agency isn’t going to do everything for you.

Even though, you might think it’s like what you see on reality TV –  it’s not.

Most models have to create their own comp cards. They have to produce their own photos in many cases.

In addition, new models must put together a modeling portfolio and give the agency the comp cards, photos, etc. to use for marketing your look[ to the clients.

It really really does come down to your own effort in this business. Don’t believe, because you have an agency now they’re gonna call you.

It could take weeks and weeks for them to call.

Be Prepared for Your Modeling Agency Meeting

So, go to the meeting but be prepared to do the work ahead of time.

Give yourself a week to prepare all the pictures you need.

Keep in Touch – They May Not…

After you meet with them, contact the agency again later.

Tell them;

“I have gotten some new photos together from our meeting. Can I mail them to you or can I stop by and give them to you?”

Keep the communication going.

As the model, it’s your job to make contact because good modeling agencies meet with new faces all the time.

But, only the serious ones get work.

Those are the girls who work in..

  • commercials
  • editorials
  • magazines
  • and billboards

So, if you want to be one of those girls you must be ambitious. Don’t think modeling is an easy road. It isn’t.

And remember, just because you get that agency meeting doesn’t mean you’re gonna get modeling work.

So, keep working at it and know there’s a lot of work involved to become a model. Best of success!

Are You Ready to Learn More about Good Modeling Agencies, Go Sees & Preparation?

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Then, practice what you’ve learned. This is how successful models do it.


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I hope this tutorial about meeting with good modeling agencies will start you into a career to make you happy and successful in your new venture. Please comment if you have any further info to share about your go see.

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