How to Make Your Glamour Modeling Portfolio “Wow” Them!

When creating a glamour modeling portfolio, a woman must co-ordinate each part of Glamour modeling portfolioher body to the proper amount of tension demanded by the over-all picture.

She must learn to express the message along with all parts of her body so the director can evaluate it in the light of the viewer’s point of command.

The director must be ready to correct weak spots in the tell-tale areas or modification any part that is not in keeping along with the situation. He must be ready to arrest these tensions at their inception.

Using Tension in Glamour Modeling Portfolios

Tension is electricity that runs throughout pictures and the amount of voltage each pose contains depends upon the mood to be evoked or the impact to be gained. Though the degree of tension is modified to fit each character and situation, it can be observed, as it mounts … in four distinct stages …

No tension lets the viewer find the woman’s body in a completely relaxed state. It denotes a finish lack of either mental or physical stimulus. It is serene and tranquil. Nothing is happening to disturb the model in her state of drowsiness or blissful dreaming.

Low tension conveys the feeling to the viewer that the mind is working despite the fact that the body has actually not yet been moved to noticeable action. It is a sort of a  “before” action picture in which one senses the stirring of the mind and that more movement will be forthcoming.

Low-tension glamour shots include those of leisurely action in which you feel the body is moving along with ease as the mind reflects upon direction and control. Current flows through the picture in soft waves.

Tension indicates to the viewer that the body has actually been brought into vibrant and alert action. The mind has actually stimulated and motivated the body so both are keyed to the same degree.

Good female glamour models control mental and muscular tension balancing them so that the viewer looks at the action and is not conscious of the effort. Tension projects a feeling of reality in which action and energy are well directed.

Female model pictureHigh tension makes the viewer conscious that the body is vibrating along with energy that is (or almost is) out of control. The erotic sparks are flying and the body is in a state of such strain.

It cannot contain itself along with the extreme mental or physical burden placed upon it.

Violent emotion exudes from the entire body and is visible in every muscle. Glamour modeling portfolios created along with shots like these can be quite exciting for viewers – and with talent agents.

When pitching an emotion think not only of the direction it is to be thrown but also, how far it must go!

The distance at which any of these tensions will be viewed likewise affects the degree to which they must be emphasized or underplayed.

Close up camera views require restraint. They need to be controlled but cast effective gestures and action. When the audience is close it sees small details and can read tight movement.

Full length camera views of the body call for slightly stronger gestures to project the same reaction. Fine points of facial expression are no longer distinguishable as the head now shares the picture along with the whole figure.

Distant views of the body require broad gestures and exaggerated tension as delicate expression is no longer visible.

What to Do with Your Glamour Modeling Pictures

If you are interested in becoming a model, you are going to want to get noticed, and that happens by way of taking the right modeling pictures. The question many aspiring models have is when to submit the modeling photos and where do you submit them to in order to give yourself the best chance at being noticed.

When to Send In Your Glamour Shots

The best time to submit your modeling pictures is when you think they are right. Now this sounds like very basic information, and it is, but it is important to view these pictures in a realistic and objectionable way.

You may think they are perfect and they may be, but don’t discount the possibility that the pictures, as fond as you might be of them might need some more work.

Where to Send Pics

Once your portfolio of pictures is ready, then you have the the decision of where to send them. One of the most time honored ways of submitting modeling photos is to a modeling agency. You can do this unsolicited, but be aware, most agencies get tons of portfolios. While you should get a simple yes or no answer, you could end up waiting a while for a response.

You may also want to consider model casting agencies as well. While these organizations are not exclusively modeling, it is a way to either book a job or get your face out there and get noticed for other potential opportunities.

Creating a Glamour Model Picture Portfolio

The main thing that you have to think about when creating a model portfolio is how you want others to see your work.  This is what is going to be representing you and it is important that you look at your portfolio in this fashion.  You want to get your best shots represented in it, but you also want to make sure that you have a variety of them.


If your favorite modeling pictures are all very similar then you should make an effort to try to branch out with getting a variety of great pictures that you think really show off your talents as a model.

Be Creative and Selective

If you are open to working different types of photo shoots then your model portfolio should represent that as well.  You should have a good variety of poses as well as type of pictures.  You can make sure that you have fashion, commercial, and casual pictures all included.

It can be important to also have great headshot modeling pictures as many talent agencies are looking for that.

When trying to decide exactly what looks best in your photo portfolio it can be important to get a second opinion of someone who has a good eye for photography as well, such as a professional photographer or model agent.

They can help you pick out pictures that you may have overlooked. Remember, think Awesome!!

Remember, physical and mental tensions in glamour modeling portfolios must balance to look right. When working on modeling portfolios, you as the director of your model must see that the degree of tension is right.

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