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How A Big Mac Catapulted Gisele Bundchen Into A Female Supermodel Career

With a name like Gisele Bundchen she’s got to have the look, don’t you think? Nevertheless, this supermodel is almost always hot in the news!

Top Supermodels – Gisele Bundchen – Sexy Gisele Bundchen is as real as a supermodel gets.

Gisele Bundchen – World’s Top Female Super Model – Now married to Super Bowl quarterback Tom Brady, her approachable personality makes a strong contrast with her amazing attractiveness, and has garnered her loyal fans and lucrative business offers.

This Brazilian-born beauty is 5’10’ with measurements 36-24-35. Those impressive numbers have added up to make her number 76 in the list of the world’s biggest earners.

Fourth Place Did Wonders For the Beautiful Female Model

But it all started with a Big Mac. While on a class trip, Gisele stopped for lunch and caught the attention of a modeling agent.

Although her father wasn’t supportive of this career, she was given permission to enter the Elite Look Modeling Competition.

Even though she came in fourth, her career took flight.

Born in Horizontina, Brazil in 1980, Gisele’s fame is worldwide. She has been a top female model in all of the major fashion houses including Ralph Lauren, Versace, Valentino and Chloe.

Her appearance on magazine covers has made her famous across the country and the globe. Issues of Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and Rolling Stone have all captured her image on their magazine covers in impressive and arresting photos.

VS Million Dollar Baby

Gisele signed a multi million -dollar contract with VS.

She will appear in several of their ad campaigns. And, it’s been rumored that she will receive $30 million dollars in this deal.

As a runway high fashion model, she commands $50,000 for a quick walk down the catwalk.

Yet, her nickname, “The Body” explains her high price tag. Her perfectly molded body sells. So, that’s worth the money for smart marketers.

Home And Lovers

Her personal life has included live-in love, Leonardo DiCaprio. The pair resided in Los Angeles, but Gisele also has a loft in Manhattan and a cozy country house in Woodstock, NY.

Previously, she ended a long-term relationship with Scott Barnhill, who is also a model, in 2000. After briefly dating billionaire and fellow Brazilian Joao Paulo Diniz, she chose DiCaprio to pair up with.

The Famous Gisele Tattoo

Although Gisele’s face is known worldwide, her body has a couple distinguishing marks as well.

She has a tattoo of a star on the inside of her left wrist. She chose the star after her first night in New York when she didn’t see a star in the sky to help her pray.

The star gives her a sense of comfort and causes her to remember what’s important in life.

In A World Of No Privacy; Meet The Independent Model

Gisele also got her bellybutton pierced simply because she wanted to. She once said, “I’m a normal person in a business that’s not so normal.”

Both the star tattoo and the bellybutton ring give her a daring sense of independence and individuality in her modeling career walk.

Gisele is more than a combination of good looks; she embodies a joyful sense of freedom in her beauty.

Can You Believe It? From “Olive Oil” To Supermodel Gisele Bundchen

It’s amazing to think that as a schoolgirl she was teased with the nickname, Olive Oil.

Although both she and Popeye’s girlfriend share long legs, after that the similarity ends. Gisele’s adolescent body developed into a curvaceous woman, and one that is admired and applauded worldwide.

I hope you enjoyed this female supermodel report about the fabulous Gisele Bundchen and I believe you’ll agree that shooting for fame is not just a dream – if you make it a goal. Go for it with all you have and if you fail, you tried!

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