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Never being noticed is a good way NOT to work in Hollywood. To make it in show business, you’ll need to learn how to get noticed as a Hollywood actor or actress.

Why is promotion so important? Simply, you’ve got to get your pretty face online to get jobs in acting, behind the scenes or whatever your goals.

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How Important Is Hollywood Marketing?

Do you want to be successful in Hollywood? Whether you want to work behind the camera or in front of it, marketing and networking is important.

Many say that in Hollywood, it all depends on who you know. This is a phrase that you may find true to some extent, so why not use the Internet to your advantage?

How to Work in Hollywood By Marketing Yourself Online

First, Create Your Website

When it comes to marketing yourself online, you may be surprised with all of your options. For starters, create a website for yourself since you want something small you can get hosting from this small business website hosting reviews.

When making your website, you want something that is eye catching, but professional at the same time. If you want to work as an actor or actress, pictures are very important. A few candid shots are nice, but your website should be composed of professional photographs.

In keeping with a website, it is also important to have samples of your work. This is important whether you want to work in Hollywood as a writer, actor, actress, or behind the scenes. If you want to break into acting, post videos of your performances.

It may be best to have an exert from a small scene you were in, like for a play, or by yourself reciting a monologue. If you are interested in screenwriting, post samples of your work online.

Post Your Resume

In addition to samples, it is vital that you have a resume posted online. In fact, your resume should be on your main page accompanied by one or two pictures. The other pages of your website could contain links to your work and additional head and body photographs.

Blogging For Hollywood Jobs?

A blog is another way to market yourself online. However, it may be best to run a website alongside a blog. A blog is great for networking, but not always for professional purposes. On your blog, describe your experiences at auditions, photo sessions, and so forth.

Always try to be professional, as you never know who is reading, but be sure to encourage comments. This is a great way to develop an online relationship with other hopefuls.

If you do decide to create a blog, it is important to post samples of your work, even if you do so on a separate website. A blog is nice in that all posts appear in chronological order. So, it gives readers a chance to see how you have improved overtime.

Difference Between A Website And A Blog

Remember a website is for courting perspective employers, but a blog is geared towards networking and making connections with other hopeful Hollywood stars.

Want To Work In Hollywood? Get Your Message Out There!

Next, it is recommended that you join online message boards that are themed towards your dream of making it big in Hollywood.

Online, often with a standard Internet search, you can find communities that are devoted to hopeful actors and writers. This is another great way to network and develop connections with your peers.

Although you may not find job leads shared by your competition, occasionally the board owner will make a post outlining opportunities that may be of interest to you.

Be Sociable And Get Jobs In Hollywood

Act first - Learn how to get Hollywood jobsParticipating in online message boards is a great way to market and network yourself online, but the best success tends to come with social networking websites, like Twitter or even Pinterest.

You will find that most hopeful Hollywood stars have one and you should too. Learn more about acting, join groups, meet new people, and engage in interesting conversation.

As a recap, there are a number of ways that you market yourself online. You should not only use the Internet to find Hollywood jobs, but to also make helpful Hollywood connections.

Now, get online, make yourself known and create a following … You might just find work in Hollywood yet!

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