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Where to get listed as a model

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to Get Listed as a Model

By: Christie Heinrich at PrivateModelConsulting.com

Let’s face the facts. The reason you’re here today is most likely due to your searching for modelling tips that will further your career, right? Well, thankfully you’ve hit the right place! This quick tutorial will show you some “insider” tips to learn where to get listed as a model and I hope you will use each one to the max!

Let’s Get Started!

Lots of ladies and other individuals aspire to appear or stroll the runway on the cover of a major haute couture publication however the truth is that lots of people keep this as just a dream.

Christie, in modelling given that 14 yrs, discusses the reality of what it requires to become a model, getting jobs locally and nationally. Being pretty or tall is not enough. See if you have what it requires a female model simply as Christie did.

How and Where to Find a Model Agency

When Bob Pardue asked me if I could possibly broaden on the “How to approach the talent companies” short article, I understood that I certainly could.

Of all, I believe that Mr. Pardue has actually already done a fine job undoubtedly when finding modeling agencieshe described that new models need to dress in timeless and basic designs and keep makeup to a minimum when interviewing with the management companies. This guidance will never ever steer you wrong!

His suggestions about paying attention to exactly what the representatives tell you is key too. (Oh, and never EVER go to bed with your makeup on! Bob does not discuss this. However it’s a suggestion that should not be missed out on! LOL!)
Overall, I believe Bob does an impeccable job here. So,I’m going to shake things up a bit about how to get listed as a model and provide you a totally free short model consulting mini-course here on the Bob Pardue website!

So right here’s the scenario: You have chosen to be a model and you don’t know how or  where to begin in the network. Or possibly you have already done a couple of local modelling jobs and are dreaming of making that big jump to New York City, Miami, or Milan! How do you go about it?

Finding modelling agenciesFirst Things First for New Models

Get Local Listings

Being noted locally will help and prepare you with the proper training.

You will go on auditions, meet other female and/or teen models, experience what it’s like to invest your weekends aiming for 9 hours straight instead of cheering for your team at the football stadium with friends. Is that a sacrifice you are ready and willing to make?

You will also discover that if you are doing well in modelling, it’s a lucrative after school task that can offer you with a good start in life. Balance, nevertheless, is the secret

And if you decide modelling is not for you at any time while in senior high school, you are always totally free to stop. That’s the appeal of being in modelling locally. You are not committed totally to the job as yet. You’re just living at home, going to school, and periodically showing up for an audition now and then.

Finding Model Agents

The company web site will usually have details on ways to submit photos and/ or the times & days of their open call interviews. Follow the instructions specifically and do not telephone to follow-up. They will call you if they are interested, believe me.

Follow the golden rule and always take a parent with you at all model agency meetings! Never go alone! And keep in mind that a model management agency makes their money when you earn money! A company should not charge any type of fees just to represent you!

The NYC Model Scenewhere to get listed with agents

The first thing to do is to select just one major model market and plan to live there by yourself at your own expense for 8 weeks. For the functions of this short article let’s state New York City.

Now, make a list of all the firms that represent male or female models in your age range. Go to the sites of these firms & study their models. Do any of their women look comparable to you? Do most of their models look just like you? How so?

Opportunities arise if you look similar to models in agencies representing one specific market. Possibilities are that you won’t work in that market if the reverse is true.

Whether the agencies reject or accept you has everything to do with them earning money from your particular look, not a matter of whether you are quite beautiful or even whether you are ugly (sorry). Pretty and ugly have very little to do with whether or not you are hired.

Follow the submission guidelines on the firm sites

Include a letter that specifies the dates when you will be in town. Ensure your telephone number is on your comp card in addition to “In Town From ____ to ____”.

A fully supplied apartment with Internet can be discovered fairly inexpensively from numerous rental offices in the area. I would suggest this so that you can concentrate on yourself and your individual objective rather than insane room mates and whoever else you might meet in big cities.

Will it be pricey?  Yes. Will it be a wild experience you’ll never forget? Yes! Will you get representation by a major modelling company and become a supermodel? I do not know. Perhaps. Maybe not.

Use those 8 weeks to fulfill individual goals. Network. Do all the image tests you potentially can with all the professional photographers you can find in a city like that! (Stay safe of course!)

Go meet all the bigger management agencies and pay attention to what they say to you!

Modeling agency tips

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If they wish to represent you, that’s fantastic! Also, be sure to have a back-up plan if they say no to you. Live life while you’re there! See the galleries in between jobs. Maybe off set a few of the costs with a small job unrelated to modelling.

At a bare minimum, you will have had the experience of trying if it does not work out!

The bottom line is that the idea of sending your pictures to the major modelling agency and having them “find” you and bring you to NYC – and put you in the model agency – and make you the next star really does not take place very often. I’m not altogether sure it ever did.

Help the Agents to Help You! To Recap …

  • Save for an 8 week stay in a Major Market Area.
  • Send Out Your Materials to Modelling Agencies.
  • If You Do Not Hear Any Response At All from Any Agency, Seriously Consider Not Going to the Market for the 8 Week Stay.

Getting into modelling is like any other profession. Companies want what they want. You have to have tough skin to take the rejection which often comes.

With all that said, becoming a model has given me a wealth of experiences that I would not alter if you gave me the world!

Search the Model Agency List

Now that you know where to get listed as a model it’s time to put your new knowledge into a working plan.

Look back over these tips and make sure you have everything in place just as this article states. This increases your chances immensely! Best of luck and I hope you get that dream modelling job soon!

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