How To Get A Child Into Acting

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Do you have a gifted child? If you are a parent who believes your child has special talent (who doesn’t), I mean really believe!

Then, you might want to learn how to get your child into acting. It’s possible for them to work as an actor in TV commercials, catalogs, or even Hollywood movies.

As a parent, do you truly believe that your child has natural talent and can be the next big star to hit Hollywood?

Do you have a cute or beautiful child? Do you have a child who has the personality of a comedian? If so, you and your family might be willing to give Hollywood acting a try.

Below, you’ll find a few helpful tips to get ideas rolling.

How To Get A Child Into Acting – Quick Tips to A Child Becoming a Hollywood Actor

No Place On Earth Hires Child Actors Like Hollywood Or NYC

As it was previously stated, you may be ready to head out for Hollywood. This is an important phrase to remember, as this is where your best chance for success stands. Hollywood or New York are the two places where children see the best chance of breaking into television or movie acting.

If you live in the Midwest, there is always the chance that your child could star in local plays or appear in locally based advertisements, but for that “big time,” break, Hollywood or New York is recommended.

Whoa, Hold On There Before You Pack for Hollywood, Have A Plan!

Unfortunately, this leads many parents to make a costly mistake. That mistake is simply just packing up their car and heading to Hollywood.

You have likely heard that Hollywood is tough and it is. It doesn’t matter how cute or talented you think your child is, they may not see success in acting right away or even at all. That is why a plan of action is needed.

Sacrifice For Your Child’s Acting Career

If you are a two family household, some professionals recommend having one parent stay behind.

This parent can continue to work and pay for the bills, all the while maintaining a stable home environment. The other parent can travel with the child to Hollywood.

This gives you the opportunity to scope out your child’s chances of making it big, but without taking a huge gamble.

While in Hollywood, attend open auditions, look into minor clothes modeling opportunities, and try to find an agent that will accept your child as a client.

How To Get A Child Into Acting With A One-Parent Income

Single parents can still travel to Hollywood to get your child into acting, but there are some steps you will first want to take. One of those steps involves saving money.

Save Your Money And Let Acting Success Come Slowly

Even if you opt to sell your home to relocate to Hollywood, save that money, don’t invest it all in your child’s quest to become famous.

When in Hollywood, continue to work. Enroll your child in school or daycare.

A job with flexible hours can allow you to generate needed income for your family, while still giving your child the opportunity to attend auditions and open casting calls.

Learn About Show Business Before Getting Your Child Into Acting

If you are serious about getting your child into acting, it is important that you take the time to familiarize yourself with how the business works.

The good news is that this is easy to do with the Internet, printed resource guides, and filmed documentaries.

As for why it is important to familiarize yourself with process of becoming a Hollywood child star, it can give you and your child an advantage. It also reduces your risk of falling victim to an acting scam.

Watch Out for Hollywood Scams!

Speaking of scams, never believe anything that is too good to be true. Were you or your child approached at a shopping mall by a talent agency?

As nice as it is to hear that your child has a look that can make them famous, know that someone may be trying to scam you.

The biggest scam to be on the lookout for is fake talent agencies. These agents tend to target parents of aspiring child actors, but anyone can fall victim. Does a “talent agent,” approach you in a public place? If so, use caution.

Accept their contact information, but never agree to representation or pay upfront first. Anyone who pressures you to pay on the spot is likely trying to scam you. They want to prevent you from returning home and researching their name or company online.

Get Your Child’s Acting Or Modeling Headshots Portfolio Together

If you and your child are ready to head to Hollywood, it is time to get professional acting photographs taken.

You do not have to wait until you arrive in Hollywood to do this. In fact, it may be cheaper for you to do so at home.

As long as you hire a professional photography company and ask to see samples of their work, you should walk away with quality headshots of your child.

How To Get A Child Into Acting? Take Action Yourself!

Acting and theater jobsNow that you know more about how to get a child into an acting career it’s time to start your research, study the business and just do something.

Good luck and I hope you and your child has great success in show business! Oh, be sure and check out Acting Career Quick Start before you leave. – Bob

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