Today, we’re looking at the world of freelance model promotion for the “other” models. If you are not interested in getting jobs with modeling agencies in New York for runway or high fashion jobs, there are other options.

You might want to promote yourself as a freelance model and keep all the money you earn.

How to Promote Yourself as a Freelance Model – The Secret to Freelance Model Promotion

Remember that you will have to do all the promotional work and advertising for yourself – including contacting clients and even the paperwork.

You might have to make a decision between contacting local modeling agencies in Villa Rica Georgia or promoting yourself as a freelance model.

Each comes with benefits and restrictions.

Are You a Freelance Model? It’s All about Promotion!

How to Promote Yourself as a Freelance ModelSome models would rather promote themselves instead of listing through talent management companies – these are the brave souls.

There’s nothing wrong with this but it does require more work on your part.

If you are signed with a model agency, they promote the business, they talk to the clients in your behalf, they set up the shooting dates, they take the heat if you don’t make it to the session, etc.

With that said, there are many models out there who are “loners” in the pool who work in freelance modeling and want complete control over who they work with and why.

If you are one of these freelance models, read on …

There are several ways to promote yourself as a freelancer. I will try to mention some ways for you to promote your modeling talent and a step by step format to follow. 

These days, YouTube is a great place for promoting new looks, and keep up to date as the world of video marketing moves quickly.

Freelance Model Promotion? First things first ..

In self promotion, the first step to take is putting together a professional modeling portfolio. Once you’ve followed the portfolio guidelines from above, it’s a good idea to have comp cards and business cards made.

A) Business Cards – Your business card should have as much information on it as possible. It’s not expensive to have extra words listed and this way you can include things other than the name and phone number.

For best results and at just a little extra cost, I would suggest putting your photo (preferably a headshot) on the card. People don’t tend to throw away photos as quickly as they do just cards.

Below the photo (or on your card if you choose not to include the photo) you should list ..

  • Your name, contact phone number, email and don’t forget to put your web address on the card
  • You may want to also include in a bullet list form – your attributes (i.e. height and weight, model body measurements ), special skills and the type of modeling you specialize in (your modeling strength area)

B) Composite Cards – You’ll definitely want to get composite cards (comp cards) made to hand out to possible clients / agents and to leave with clients or photographers you work with.

A comp card is one of the least expensive pieces of printed promotional material but packs a big punch in saying, “I’m a professional model”.

Basic Model Comp Card Layout …

Front – Photo covering the front of the card (I suggest a good, strong headshot here) along with your name in bold letters.

Back – From four to six photos showing different looks (indoor and outdoor) in a variety of outfits with at least one good body shot (swimwear or tight-fitting clothing).

The back of the card will list important information about you and your stats including …

  • Contact information (Who to contact, phone, email, web address, etc.)
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Bust size / cup size
  • Waist size
  • Hip size
  • Dress size
  • Shoe size
  • Hair color
  • Hair length (short, shoulder
    length, long)
  • Eye color
  • Type(s) of modeling jobs preferred
    (i.e. commercial, fashion shows, catalog, promotional, etc.)

No need to feel overwhelmed with the details of getting your comp card ready. There are many companies online such as ABC Pictures who have versions and templates online which will help you every step of the way.

Remember too that there are many different versions of comp cards so it’s all a matter of personal preference as to which style you choose.

>> How to Really Get Started as a Model <<
C) Modeling Websites – When it comes to websites, I could probably write complete chapters on the subject but I will try as best I can to simplify this part.

Your freelance modeling website – Paid or Free?

Freelance Model Self Promotion

Should you pay to have your own website created or go with one of the free web listing services online?

Your choice in the type of web promotion you do depends upon your level of experience and the amount of budget you have to work with.

If you are, in actuality, an eccentric millionaire and are just pursuing a modeling career out of boredom, by all means hire a professional web designer and start from scratch to build a website that other models will be in awe of!

But, even if you go this route, there’s the promotional costs and time to think about; time that could be better used to improve your modeling abilities and make contacts with clients who need you for their photo projects.

I personally feel that it’s better to start out by using a few of the online services (paid and free) to get your name out there. You can do a search and find many listing places but one site that seems to have lots of buzz at the time of this writing is Model Mayhem, an online listing service with Free and Paid versions.

Here is an example of my portfolio on Model Mayhem ..

Another feature of Madel Mayhem is that you can view and make comments on pictures, list your facebook page, join in forums with other models & photographers, etc.

This is a less expensive way to get your feet wet and find out if you’ve got a look which is in demand.

* A word of warning about putting your model photos online …

Remember to stay safe when placing your photos online. Don’t provide too much personal information about yourself or location until you’ve thoroughly checked out the person who is contacting you.

If you are under 18 years of age, put your parents’ email address in the contact section and have them deal with any incoming offers.

Never, Never meet a photographer or potential client alone. Take a parent or friend (preferably male) with you until you are completely satisfied that you’re in a safe
environment. I cannot stress this enough!!

More Freelance Modeling Promotion Tips

There are other ways to promote yourself on or off the Internet such as contacting local upscale clothing or department stores for fashion shows or catalog work, jewelry stores if you offer hand modeling, hair salons, etc.

This is your starting point in discovering how to become a model so don’t stop here. See if you can come up with more creative ways to promote yourself as a professional model.

 Your Modeling Talent and Beautiful Face is a Plus But …

Remember, you can have the most awesome beauty & talent in the world but if nobody knows where to find you … becoming a freelance model could be in vain!

So, get off your backside and go to work!!

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