A Female Ford Model Teaches Model Posing Tips

Ever wanted to learn how to pose like a professional model? Ford’s own Jennifer Ohlsson teaches some valuable model posing tips for beginners and experienced models alike.

Watch these Ford model pose tips and practice the moves if you are planning to start a career in the modeling field.

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“This ain’t voguing, it’s posing! Jennifer Ohlsson runs through what to do and what not to do when posing for photograph.”

There is no doubt that, if you are a female model and you are accepted by a giant like Ford Modeling Agency then you’ve got something special. But, even though you are chosen you’ll still have to learn how to pose at one time or another.

This is why I included this instructional video by the beautiful and talented Jennifer Ohlsson of Ford to give you some pointers when it comes to model posing like a professional.

What Model Posing Tips Does Jennifer Ohlsson Give?

Watch as she takes you through the motions. She says;

“There are a few tricks to help you look skinnier and enhance what you like.”

I’m not going to list all the modeling tips here because you can get more excited by watching the video and then practicing in front of a mirror. Or better still, in front of a talented photographer’s camera lens!

Hope you learn some good posing ideas and tips here to be prepared when jobs become available.

What Did You Think about These Model Posing Tips?

Were you inspired by Jennifer Ohlsson’s techniques and honesty? Did you learn some new poses you are going to try today? Are you ready to practice and take that next step into modeling success?

If this is inspiring to you as a new female model then let us know in the comment box below. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Model posing for portfolio picture

Model photo by BobPardue.com

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Suggested Reading for Learning How to Pose

If you want to really have lots of poses in your bag when you go to a photo shoot, there’s a book I found online to help. It’s called 101 Modelling Poses: Posing Guide for Models and Photographers.

It features posing ideas and model pose tips so you won’t have to guess or look through piles of magazines to find just the right pose.

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