Beginner Models Learn About “Truth In Modeling”


(Lancaster, SC) — Now that the modeling television shows are producing a big increase in how young women view the industry, online searches are reaching new highs for words and phrases such as “how to be a model” and “female modeling tips“, giving way to professional web sites for beginner models like the Bob Pardue site located at

Professional photographer Bob Pardue, owner of the modeling website is breaking the silence to give solid advice to young women who are looking to make their mark in this sometimes elusive business called modeling.

Pardue states, “It’s a known fact that very few actually reach the goal of celebrity status but there is no reason a girl can’t go to work as a commercial or promotional model in the state where they live and, who knows what opportunities could evolve from there?”

Looking through the eyes of a professional photographer, Pardue is well aware of the dedication and  hard work that goes into a real modeling career, And, he knows what a photographer expects from the talent.

“My passion is to help people discover what it takes to get started in modeling, how to choose a career type, and how to approach agencies to get jobs in the industry.

Through tips on my site and the online model course offered at no cost, I show newcomers exactly what they should expect – all from the comfort of their home.” Pardue explains.

With so many different approaches to get started in the modeling industry, Pardue addresses the ever growing questions girls (and guys) ask about modeling.

“Before diving in, there are certain points you should think about before you ever go to an open call and I will do my best to help with these “secrets” within my website. At the very least, you should find the answer to that often-asked question: “how do I become a model?” along with proven methods and tips to get you on the right track.” according to Pardue

This material is welcome advice for many girls, based on the huge number of searches done online each day.

Possessing inside knowledge because of his many years of working with female models, Pardue encourages his new models with the following advice.

“Please understand, even though you have to give it your best shot, you should be realistic and understand that everyone who applies to a model / talent agency is not going to be another Tyra or Cindy. Some will not even make the cut locally.

Even if you follow every single guideline and meet every requirement listed on the model agency site, there are a limited number of positions at the top.

So, use some common sense along with a steady commitment to make contacts and you might be closer than you think to having your dream fulfilled.

Pay close attention to all opportunities to gain a competitive edge and don’t give up too quickly. The next interview could be the one!”

Using an ample supply of candor, common sense and truth, Pardue offers an informative website that targets the person who has dreamed of becoming a female model, but never knew where or how to start.

Topics include: different modeling types, physical requirements, when to choose agents over freelance modeling, how to work for photographers and posing basics, to name a few.

Pardue concludes, “My goal is to publish as many articles, video tips and photo examples to help those who are serious in becoming a female model by offering some realistic benchmarks and tips for women giving new and old ideas for reaching goals, and hopefully making the dream of getting jobs in the entertainment network a reality.”

Bob Pardue is experienced in shooting female modeling portfolios and his career in photography has benefited models for over 10 years. He still engages in select photographic assignments as time permits. You can visit his website at for more information.

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Released: January 13th, 2013

Bob Pardue Teaches The World How To Become A Model

Bob Pardue, one of the most successful and well established professional modelling photographers is proud to announce the launch of a new website.

The new website teaches and gives vital advice and information on how users can begin entering the modelling industry. The website lists extensive resources which are all tailored for those looking to become a model and enter the modelling world.

Entering the modelling industry is one of the most difficult markets currently, and it’s mostly due to the personal appearance and reputation of the person applying.

However, Bob now shares his top tips, tricks and hints on how typical consumers can make themselves more appealing and model worthy.

The page spans over 1,000 words in length and is perhaps one of the most comprehensive resources available for learning how to become a model.

From hairdressing tips to clothing tips, Bob Pardue shares all of his expertise and knowledge on what he has learned throughout his photography career.

He also talks about the mindset and attitude, and how important these factors are for anybody who wants to get started in the modeling industry. Additionally, Bob Pardue also covers how to find an agency and get the ball rolling.

To learn more about how to become a model, head over to:


Released: January 27th, 2013

Trying To Become a Victoria’s Secret Model at a Young Age

Summary: Top model goes on air revealing modeling photographs construction made her look different and raises a hornet’s nest among aspirants looking to become Victoria’s Secret models. Bob Pardue writes about what models must master to make it to the elite group.
Victoria’s Secret angel went on air at a recent TED conference making controversial statements about how modeling photographs construction made her look different. It created a storm among aspirants longing to become Victoria’s Secret models. A recent report revealed how actually models make it to the top.

The recently published report at shows how newcomers and even experienced candidates become a Victoria model or angel.

Outlined steps are not commonly found and contain practical steps on how to reduce learning curve and master body image techniques while becoming the face of a famous brand.

Casual statements made at a TED conference about Cameron Russell looking quite like the next-door girl and then being transformed into the supermodel raised quite a few eyebrows.

The model later clarified what she meant about body image and difficulties new models were unaware of when aspiring to be models. The interview videoed at turned out to be an eye-opener in many ways.

Leaving it to the professionals is an aspect covered in great detail. Makeovers are done and established in a studio, and models with some experience willingly agree they would rather have professionals be their boss.

Perks like traveling to exotic locations has its own appeal, but looking good all the time must be ensured beyond the genetic lottery syndrome. The supermodel agrees modeling has given her what she always longed for – admission to college.

Virtually no one looks like the supermodel projected within top fashion magazines in real life.

The image is what several experts construct to endorse a product or service.

Hard work cannot undo damage done by bad haircuts to a model’s reputation. It is sheer professionalism and imagination induced by the right experts that help them achieve stardom.

All top candidates talk of having the right attitude before even venturing into a career like modeling.

A program meant to establish a long-term career for budding models has to be right.

Comprehensive education and training often reduces years of struggle. It helps overcome a negative attitude leading to frustration at not making it to the top within the expected time frame.

Bob Pardue, a professional portfolio photographer, was initially perturbed at the strong statement made, just like others in the field. The report he published outlines exactly what he recommends to both beginners and experienced candidates aspiring to be part of Victoria’s Secret group of elite supermodels.


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