What about a Fitness Modeling Salary? Ever Wonder How Much Fitness Models Make?

Question: What is the fitness modeling salary and how do I get my share of this income?

Have you ever wondered how much fitness models get paid? As with any profession, pay scales for fitness models have a wide range.

That’s why I wrote these simple fitness modeling tips to give you some ideas.

Well-toned models get paid based on experience and the type of work involved. In the entertainment world, fitness models get paid by the way they look.

fitness modeling salary

fitness modeling salary

Here is a quick survey to see if a fitness modeling salary range is enough for you to live on.

How Much Do Fitness Models Make? Annual Salary Range of a Fitness Model

First, let’s examine a piece posted on jimdo. This author states that a fitness modeling salary can range from $58,000 to $70, 000 (USD).

But, I believe the range to be much, much wider.

I don’t believe average models with hard bodies working in the fitness field will start at even the lowest rate (above).

With experience she can work up to a nice income in time.

A More Realistic Approach to Salaries for Fitness Models

A candid interview CareerOcean.Com did with fitness model Jackson Bloore revealed the bare facts about making money in fitness modeling. This model says,,,

“How do you make money or get paid as a fitness model? It really depends on the job. Magazine and book print jobs typically pay very poorly, anywhere between $150/day to maybe $1000/day for a book on the high end – if you are lucky.

Apparel print modeling pays much better if you are working with top brands and can fetch a few thousand a day.

Television typically pays the best and is often $1000/day on absolute low end to a few thousand per day on the high end.

Keep in mind that modeling jobs booked with a talent agency requires a 20% agency cut right off the top and sometimes additional agency fees as well so the numbers can be deceiving.

Also, keep in mind that with prep time baked in a shoot for $1,000/day doesn’t sound so amazing anymore.

This is especially true when you factor in the extra gym sessions for weight loss leading up to the shoot.

You also have to consider…

  • tanning
  • manicure (if needed)
  • haircut, etc.

These modeling musts are in addition to the general and overall decline in mood that occurs with carb depleting and dehydrating all week.

The people that really make money in this business as fitness models are the people that use the traditional print and television “fitness” work to leverage other business opportunities. So, you have to be an entrepreneur and a hustler as well.”

Do Fitness Models Really Get Paid? Fitness Modeling Salaries

Yes and no. Read the rest of this article from someone who knows and you’ll get a different idea about whether or not fitness models get paid for modeling jobs. Her answer might surprise you! She writes;

“Like I said, very few fitness models actually get paid for the modeling they do. What are the other options?

Question: How Do You Make a Fitness Model Income?

Many fitness models go the route of “sponsors” which is where you align yourself with a supplement company. But honestly, other than a couple on the market I am not comfortable with most of the products out there.

I took the route of using my “fitness modeling” to market my business.

You are so sweet :-). And I know exactly what you mean… I have my role models for sure!

So, Do You Want to Become a Fitness Model? What if You Don’t Have the Body?

Don’t fret! Even if you don’t have a fitness model body there are other options such as catalog or commercial jobs to consider.

My modeling book covers other types of work to consider. It’s not an end-all road to success, but it will get your mind moving into other opportunities available to be a model. You can grab a copy over at Amazon on Kindle here.

This tip about fitness model salary range is all subjective until you jump in and begin your career. So, learn all you can about getting started as a fitness model or other modeling areas and do what you love! – Bob Pardue

Other helpful resources for fitness models…

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fitness modeling salaryTo become a fitness model, you do have to get in shape as I said above.

Do practice good eating habits, learn how to lose fat & gain muscle. Also, take a look at my post about how to reduce thigh fat and get the right exercise program in place.

You’ll find plenty of exercise equipment online, Or, visit your local gym.

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