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Get the Upper Hand With These 5 Fitness Model Posing Tips

If you answered yes to these questions then you might be a contender for becoming a model.

But, just as you might have learned in previous tips on this website, there is more to learning fitness model posing than just standing there looking pretty.

Fitness Model Posing Tip for Beginners

Fitness Model Posing Tip for Beginners

Are You in Great Shape? A Bodybuilder?

You need to learn the basics of posing such as how to position your body, how to walk correctly,what to do with your hands, to smile or not – and a slew of other modeling moves in order to look graceful and professional.

Hopefully, these fitness model posing tips and the video will help you in positioning your body so you look your best during competition – or in front of the camera.

1. Will Relaxing Help?

First, relax your entire body. When you are natural and agile you appear less stressed and more confident in your posing.

Just as a musician relaxes his or her fingers before a performance, you should take some deep breaths and throw away any anxiety in your mind and body.

2. How Do I Stand?

For fitness posing, stand with your chest out, keep your body straight but not too rigid, hand on the hip with elbow out front, toes pointed with heel slightly off the floor.

Now you have a basic stance from which to work.

Watch the video above to get more ideas for fitness model poses …

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3. Should I Smile?

One of the toughest parts for this type of model is the smile. You may have to hold your smile for a long period of time so try to relax your face as much as possible.

4. How Do I Walk?

When you come out onto the stage, be confident with a smile and a wave to those watching. Use a friendly tone to give your audience a feeling of warmth.

Make a stop in the middle, striking a pose to the right and to the left. Then walk to the other side of the stage. This could vary with some shows but this is basic.

5. How Should I Practice Fitness Model Posing?

The best way to learn how to do fitness poses is to practice the moves. Watch videos, look at health magazines and learn from the best.

Do your posing in front of friends or family members to get feedback. Have them encourage you to smile if it fades while presenting your show.

Before You Leave

This is just the beginning. There is much more to female model fitness posing technique but this should get you started toward improving your chances in competition.

You’ve got the body – now get the trophy! You can check out my free newsletter and learn about other types of poses and modeling tips. Hope this helps!

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