First Modeling Pictures

For Beginners – Getting Your First Female Modeling Pictures

If you are brand new to the realm of female models, then you will relate to this article I just listed about getting your first modeling pictures and the model photo shoot.

Even if you are an amateur with some experience you’ll appreciate the gravity of presenting the best portfolio book along with great pictures when you approach agents or clients.

First Modeling Pictures

First Modeling Pictures

First Modeling Pictures? Only Post Your BEST!

I see this every day – new female models post online photos that are very sub-standard and do little to flatter them.

I always try to bring home that the first impression you’ll make to your viewers is your beginning photos.

How to Create Modeling Pictures That Say “WOW”

First Modeling Pictures

Photo by Bob Pardue

But, how do you create female modeling pictures that will leave them with mouth agape? It does take some work but this is explained in detail in the article tips.

The main point is, that you don’t just step in front of the camera and stand there, hoping the pics will “come out” okay.

They won’t! So, take these steps to getting your first modeling pictures very seriously so that you don’t make the same mistakes so many other girls do.

Putting Together Modeling Pictures for a Portfolio

Your First Model Photos

Simply put, a modeling portfolio is a collection of your modeling pictures.

If you aspire to be a model, or even an established one, what will separate you from the many other models who are aiming for similar jobs at the same modeling agencies is a good portfolio.

The first step in becoming a professional model is making a portfolio. It should contain not only your best modeling pictures; it should also shun the bad ones.

This is because your portfolio is only as good as the worst picture, it contains.

Here are a few modeling tips on how to put together great picture portfolios. And, you’ll learn how to create the best first impression.

Creating Your First Modeling Portfolio

Your modeling portfolio should have at least two head shots; one that is smiling, the other serious. It does not have to contain an action shot. However, if you have a good one that is available, you can include it as well.

You should also include a full-length shot which will show the proportion of your body, from head to feet and fingertips to fingertips.

How Many Pictures Do I Need?

A beginner’s modeling portfolio should have about 5-12 modeling pictures in it. Do not put more than 20 pictures and every shot should be perfect.

The hallmark of an effective portfolio is quality over quantity. Its purpose is to make a good impression and not to show off about how many photo shoots you’ve already done.

5 Must-Have Pictures in Your Modeling Portfolio?

Normally, the five pictures that it has should be able to cover the 5 basic poses that will satisfy what most modeling agencies require. These poses are:

1.    One head shot with a smile
2.    One without the smile
3.    One profile head shot
4.    One full body shot
5.    One full body in swim wear

Get a Professional Photographer to take your photos

Of course, this will be a bit expensive but the quality of the pictures will be awesome. And when it is the one opportunity, you get to impress the people in the modeling agency; you have to put your best foot forward, so invest in it.

I hope this tutorial about getting together your first modeling pictures will help you gain an edge when you show up for open calls.

Pictures are just one way to be prepared so study other modeling tips I’ve posted here to give yourself a chance at success as a model.


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