Fine Art Pinhole Photography – Vladimir Zivkovic Video

Watch the Vladimir Zivkovic Video with Outstanding Fine Art Pinhole Photography

If you’re anything like me, then you love to explore all areas of art.

With that said, I’d like to introduce this cool photo video by Vladimir Zivkovic where he gives you some amazing examples of pinhole photography.

What is Pinhole Photography Anyhow?

If you’re not familiar with the term, the guys over at give a pretty good (& simple) explanation…

“What is a pinhole?

A pinhole is a small hole that focuses light, similar to a lens.  In photography and optics it is most commonly known as an aperture.

What is pinhole photography?

Pinhole photography is the art of photography using a pinhole / aperture, without the need for lenses. This works by allowing light to pass through a single point and the image appears on film / screen / sensor (inverted.)” ~

Long exposure pinhole photos – Fine art photo video by Vladimir Zivkovic

22 thoughts on “Fine Art Pinhole Photography – Vladimir Zivkovic Video”

  1. Beautiful images. I’m quite impressed at the sharpness that you can get from a pinhole camera (as most people tend to say the opposite is true with a lensless camera.)

  2. Žan goran šantar

    entuzijazam za kamerom,,kad znas,,dobijes ovo-fantasticno..pozdrav

  3. I have never seen so sharp pictures taken with a pinhole lens, love them 🙂

  4. Aleksandra G.

    Fantasticne, fantasticne fotografije. Radjeno je, pretpostavljam, analogno? Ponovicu ono sto su vec mnogi pre mene napisali – ostrina je zapanjujuca, obzirom na pinhole tehniku. Svaka cast.

  5. cjschermerhorn

    Great work, very clear images for such a low-tech approach. I love the pictures of the film.

  6. Juan Alvarez

    How did you acheive what appears to be a light tint of sepia in some og your photographs?

  7. Ronaldo Silva Jr

    fantástico e animador. trabalho de quem leva a fotografia a sério.

  8. Amazingly sharp pictures for a pinhole camera, lot of people say pinhole pictures are very soft. Thanks for sharing. I think they are great. Regards Ken

  9. Roger Tripp

    This clip changed my whole approach to photography. OK, I was already on my way, but this just gave me a giant push. After seeing this, I loaded my new Ondu (120mm) with 35mm film, taping the lead to the empty spool (otherwise I couldn’t get film to wind), closed the back and just had to guess how far to advance the film. It worked! I got six images!…and with those great perforated holes bordering each side. Then I did a stand development with R09 for an hour and finished them out in Lightroom using the plugin Negative Lab Pro (you can do it without the plugin of course). All the images turned out perfectly imperfect. It’s true: It’s the journey not the destination that matters.

  10. It is really amazing that this video inspired you Roger! I am so glad for that. Ondu is a great pinhole camera, both beautiful and practical. But also, improvisation is really big part of this vintage type of photography, and you did that as well – improvise – to fix, to develop and to edit. And yes, pinhole is all about perfect imperfection. Thank you so much for sharing this story. Could you please send me some of your photos to my e-mail or my instagram? Thanks man.

  11. Roger Tripp

    @oriontrail Thanks so much. I don’t “do” social media, but I would glad to show you some of my work via your email, if you would share. Thanks again.

  12. Richard Harkness

    I just visited the Ondu website….your cameras are ABSOLUTELY beautiful, yet I still don’t understand how it make such sharp images. I thought that wasn’t possable with a pin hole

  13. Annemarie Schwarzenbach

    Die Kunst der Fotografie, in einer stilgerechten Videobearbeitung präsentiert.

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