Tips for How to Find Modeling Auditions and Interviews

Nervous about Auditioning for Modeling Jobs? Don’t be! Finding modeling auditions is pretty simple if you follow some of these tips for models and enrolling with these management companies is possible.


If you have what it takes to appear on TV commercials, on the catwalk or magazine pages, then you should seriously consider learning how to become a model.

Sometimes, this career takes a lot of courage because of the competition, not to mention going through lots of open calls in your quest for jobs, and you have to stand out ahead and above the rest.

Do I Carry Pictures to My Modeling Audition?

To apply as a model, you will want to submit a strong portfolio to modeling agencies when going to open casting calls or modeling auditions. Your pictures can make or break your modeling career, so you have to make good choices.

Submit only very high quality fashion or commercial photos taken by preferably professional photographers. Hiring a professional make up artist and hair stylist is also a plus, as they know how to make your face and hair look more attractive for the camera.

Will I Have to Pose During a Modeling Agency Interview?

How to Find Modeling Auditions

Model photo by Bob Pardue –

Maybe – Maybe not. But, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

To learn how to pose if asked at your interview, browse through a variety of fashion, glamour or teenĀ  magazines to see how models position their bodies. Learn the types of looks they give while wearing particular outfits.

See how they pose in different settings, etc. and practice them in front of your mirror.

Try to familiarize your body with positions these models usually take.

You may want to create different photos that would show a wide variety of looks but remember that during modeling auditions for new models, you do not have to exhibit a lot of pics, but only the ones that can help you get the job. These are the ones the agent is looking for.

Where Do I Find Auditions for Models?

There are several different types of areas to check out, such as “go-sees” – or open calls where the manager interviews the model and sometimes takes photos. Then, there are the usual TV and advertisement tryouts.

You can find material on these on modeling agency bulletin boards and sometimes posted in newspapers / magazines.

They can also be found online with a quick search. These days, there are modeling contests / auditions that are held on the Internet too.

How Should I Act During a Agency Interview?

If you want to get the job, it is crucial to have the right attitude when you show up, and during the audition process.

Don’t appear too relaxed or too tense. Always look confident and always wear a smile. Directors are looking for people who can carry themselves quite well.

Look your best and remember to get a good night’s sleep the night before the model agency interview so you don’t show up looking wrinkled or even appearing not to listen to the interviewer.

Clothes? Don’t wear anything too extravagant, casual clothing is best.

Lastly, Learn to be courteous, especially around the staff. Take their suggestions and make a point to consider them – even if it means cutting your hair!

You need to show them that you can easily adapt to whatever task they throw at you. This is what modeling really is so take it seriously if you want to succeed. To find local modeling agencies and start your search – Go Here ..

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