Female Swimsuit Posing

Learn the Secret to Female Model Swimsuit Posing

Let’s take a quick look at beginner modeling especially for women. One of the most popular poses – especially for Spring and summer fashion shoots is the bathing suit.

This lesson will cover some aspects of female swimsuit posing and give you some really good ideas so you’ll look more natural in your pictures.

But, before you begin this tutorial, get informed when we add more modeling tips and how to get started in the industry.

female swimsuit posing

female swimsuit posing

The “Dig” Position

A basic pose for women (even when they are not wearing bathing suits) is the dig position. It’s a very simple way of standing but gets maximum effect.

All you have to do is, with your right leg away from the camera, bring you left foot back to your right by bending your knee.

Then, let just the ball of you left foot touch your right with the heel off the floor. This is very simple and easy for beginners but is a “standard” for women posing in swimsuits.

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What to Do with Your Arms

When performing the bathing suit dig position, make sure your thumbs are facing the lens.

This forces the arms to face a direction so the broad side is not prominent.

Besides creating a good pose, your arms will be showing the narrowest part thus giving a slimming effect.

Your Waist

Are you standing with your legs pointed directly toward the camera? Stop!

First, turn until you are in complete profile. Then, twist your waist and hips toward the left.

You are now doing a real female model swimwear posing routine setup that works. Oh, don’t forget to suck in the tummy.

Don’t over do this. You absolutely do not want your ribs to be sticking out making you look too skinny.

Follow this simple lesson, add it to your daily practice routine.

Then, when you might just become a female model and get that elusive job modeling bathing suits or even bikini fashions, you’ll be armed with a fabulous pose to show what you can do!

Have a great day shooting at the beach!

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