female supermodel Kate Moss

Supermodel Kate Moss Dances Her Way To Stardom In Calvin Klein Jeans

Female supermodel Kate Moss

Female Supermodel Kate Moss

Learn how beautiful female supermodel Kate Moss started from an ordinary, pretty British girl to super stardom style in the modeling world. Here is her biography and stories.

British born beauty, Kate Moss, is probably one of the most famous supermodels. Her super thin body created a whole new look in the fashion industry.

The Super Model Invasion from Great Britain Stats:

At 5′ 7″ and 105 pounds, the waif look features from this beauty of the runway became the inspiration for the next generation of models.

Her petite measurements of 33-23-35 helped her amass a sizable fortune.


The Beginning — Kate Moss Starts A Modeling Career

Born in Croydon, Surrey, England on January 16, 1974, her modeling career began as a surprise.

While she was returning home from a family vacation in the Bahamas, she was ‘discovered’ by Sarah Doucas from the Storm Model Management Agency. Kate was 14 at the time and right in the middle of JFK airport.

Kate And Calvin Klein Jeans

When Kate Moss joined blue jean giant Calvin Klein both sides got a lot more commercial publicity.

She will always be best remembered for those daring and risqué ads for Calvin Klein Jeans that appeared in magazines and billboards.

Conservative groups condemned her, while her fans wanted to see more. Her contract netted her $4 million for only 100 days of work.

It was a win-win situation for Calvin Klein and Kate Moss. The clothing company certainly got their advertising dollars’ worth.

Kate Moss Pictures And Bio Sell!

She successfully combined her modeling career with publishing when she created a picture book of her favorite photos. Simply called, “Kate. The Kate Moss Story”, fans enjoyed the collection.

Kate also showcased the pitfalls of the entertainment industry when she hosted a BBC TV documentary called “Dazzled” in 1999.

Both of these ventures showed her ability to transfer her fame into other business-related ventures.

The Kate Moss “Home Place”

Although Kate has apartments in Paris and London, she considers her home to be New York City.

A Touch Of Romance – Not Quite A Fairy Tale

Her personal life has been filled with romance and some pitfalls. Kate’s love interest for three years was actor Johnny Depp.

They met at the Café Tabac in New York City and shared a lot of interesting public moments. When she signed an autograph, “Kate Depp”, rumors started to fly that the couple had married.

Kate Moss Makes A Decent Day’s Salary — Really!

Kate’s unique and somewhat emaciated look has made her sought after and has kept her income level high.

She charges at least $10,000 a day doing female modeling poses for photo shoots and advertisers know that she’s worth it.

She has appeared on more than 300 magazine covers, and has earned her way to the number two spot on Forbes top 15 richest supermodels.

The Words Fashion And Kate Are Synonymous

Almost any magazine or fashion newsletter will state that Kate is known internationally as a clothing icon.

She is credited with starting numerous fashion trends, like denim cutoffs, Ugg boots and ballet flats.

She was reportedly the fashion designer for a collection of clothes for the Topshop chain in the UK.

The press gave the clothing line mixed reviews, saying that only very thin women can wear these unique outfits.

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Kate Moss, The Statue Of Beauty

A 100% gold statue of Kate Moss appears as part of the British Museum exhibit. Marc Quinn who described Kate as the “ideal beauty of the moment” made the statue.

But it’s apparent that Kate is a female supermodel fixture who will be around for years to come.

Not everything from Kate’s life can or should be copied. But, take away the dark times of drugs and then watch her other promotional and modeling moves carefully.

She has “made it to the top” when it comes to a successful career as a supermodel.


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