Designer Clothes and Purses, Beautiful Looks – These are the Female Models on Top

I hope you are ready to look at some beauties! It’s no doubt that female fashion modeling is the most unpredictable industry of the world. Here are some of the best female models on top of the list to keep you inspired.

First Female Model on Top? Lara Stone

Lara Stone, most likely the best recognized – and a real Dutch lady, is the leading face in our model arena. When she was just 15, the 27-year-old was discovered and got happily involved in the Elite Model Look competition in 1999.

In spite of the truth that she did not win the show, she left strong outstanding to the executives thanks to her gap in between her front teeth and her shaky runway walk.

She is ranked the world’s number-one fashion model on the worldwide modeling website’s Top 50 Models Women and 10th on the site’s “sexiest models” list.

Lara Stone

Lara Stone – A super female model who just keeps on going!

Quick Fashion Tip – Accessories & Bags

You can’t talk about top models and accessory fashion without talking about bags. As someone once said, “You can never have enough shoes, hats and bags!” Who could argue with that?

As much as we all dream of it, we can’t all be Kimora Lee Simmons, with a different designer bag for every getup.

But one or two really nice handbags will spruce up your wardrobe beyond belief. Here’s the place where it pays to really splurge. Why DFO handbags? Because our Gucci collection is everything you could ask for, even if you are looking for something small, to go with a nice scarf and some amazing new shoes, or if you are looking for an office bag, a classy one, or even something to travel with.

A classic Dior or Fendi bag is a collector’s item that you can use for years and years. Don’t throw away your money on painfully expensive blouses and pants that will be out of style in a matter of months.

Instead, invest your money in the 401(k) of accessory fashion, the designer bag.

Freja Beha Erichsen

Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen is one of the most popular names in modeling industry and has high-profile campaigns for Chanel and Valentino. She is known as bad girl with androgyny and her tattoos

Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen is among the most popular names in the elite modelling industry and has actually high-profile projects for Chanel and Valentino. She is referred to as bad girl with androgyny and now for her tattoos. Even thought the hat in this image hides a few of Freja’s curls, I assure you she has magnificent hair!

Anja Rubik

Former OTM notable Polish Anja Rubik is known for her long blond locks for an edgier boy cut. She poses 59 magazine covers and appears on 43 designers' runways

Former OTM notable Polish Anja Rubik is known for her long blond locks for an edgier boy cut. She poses 59 magazine covers and appears on 43 designers’ runways. This tall girl knows her way around the catwalk as you can see in this full length picture.

Excerpt: Will Fashion Websites Help You Become a Top Model … or at Least Help You in Getting Dressed this Morning?

A fashion model most certainly needs to be well dressed or at least look professional, fashionable and ready to go. Fashion web sites many times will help her to get started in her modeling career for catalog, commercial, glamour or runway jobs.

Feeling a little challenged when it comes to women’s fashions? Are you out of the loop? Fashion websites can get you up to date fast!

Many women, especially as they get older, or start a family and become overloaded with the important – and time consuming – concerns of raising children, can easily fall into a fashion rut.

Once you essentially fall out of the fashion loop, it’s easy for your wardrobe to become outdated. No woman wants to look older, but if you don’t keep at least a modicum of modern fashion trends, you can contribute to the dreaded syndrome of ‘old’.

Get Your Wardrobe Ready for the 21st Century

If you’re into fashion, fashion websites can be fascinating sources of fashion information. If you haven’t kept up to date and think it’s about time to enter the 21st century, exploring the many fashion websites can be the way to go.

You’ll look better and your kids will not be making remarks on your old fashioned wardrobe. You may also spark a sense of you being a ‘cool’ Mom.

Top fashion model’s websites are fun to visit and provide you with the fashion equivalent of food for thought.

People who run top fashion websites spend all their time tracking down the latest in clothing and fashion trends, so your determination to get a more up to date look going for you doesn’t require that you spend a lot of time ferreting out this information for yourself.

Just spend an hour or two locating a few fashion websites which suit your style, bookmark them and then spend just an hour each week perusing their latest information.

Check out some of their many fashion articles on topics you feel lacking fashion expertise. For example, do you feel inept at coordinating colors in a mix and match strategy of getting more wardrobe possibilities?

Does your jewelry box look like something out of the 50s? Chances are good that your fashion websites will have the latest fashion scoops and fashion tips for all of these fashion situations.

Female Models on Top of the Style Secret

Hollywood’s hottest stylists have a secret that the fashion world doesn’t want you to know. They put together looks for the hottest stars, from regal Susan Sarandon to sexy young Scarlett Johansen, to wear on red carpets and to glam events.

If you’ve ever attempted to re-create the looks you see these celebs wearing, you probably spent a pretty penny trying to make it happen. What the fashion designers don’t want you to know is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look fabulous. The secret is accessory fashion.

Professional stylists know that it’s the accessory fashion that makes the look. Anybody with money can buy an expensive designer dress, but not everybody can wear it well. The secret is in the accessories.

Fashion accessories include a variety of items, so let’s talk about the most important ones first. It may seem obvious, but shoes are the absolute key to great accessory fashion.

Don’t be mistaken; the shoes make the outfit. It’s worth spending a little extra to get a few really stunning pairs, because you’ll wear them with many different ensembles. Shoes are just not the place to skimp. Let’s face it: a cheap pair of shoes looks… well, cheap.
Now that we’ve gone over the places to spend a little, here come the accessory fashion savings. There is no need to go all out buying pricey jewelry. It looks lovely, but it doesn’t have the impact of a far less expensive statement accessory.

A wild and sexy pair of earrings, an unusual Lavender Pearls necklace, or a forearm covered in bangle bracelets will draw all attention to you right away. And these items don’t have to cost a bundle.

You’ll find info on many of these items when you browse blogs & sites for ideas. Great vintage finds can be uncovered at thrift stores, flea markets or your grandma’s jewelry box. You’ve got to get out there and hunt. If you put in the time, you’ll find distinctive pieces that express your own unique style.

So the next time you’re browsing through magazines at the hairdresser’s and wishing you could look as fabulous as Hollywood’s biggest stars, make sure to check out the accessories. You’ll see that big glamour comes from the little details.

The objective of these Internet sites is to provide you with a rich, fun experience that keeps you up to date on the latest fashions and fashion trends and becoming a loyal visitor, who will, sooner or later, make a purchase or two.

Many web sites have top model newsletters you can sign up for, delivered right to your inbox, with interesting feature articles, fashion tips on all things fashion and usually containing a section of interesting links to resources for  girls just starting out or just an in style conscious woman, such as cosmetics, hair styling, accessories, along with some links to fashion freebies and samples.


Fashion blogs are another resource, with many of the same characteristics of the full blown fashion websites. Search Google’s directories of fashion blogs to quickly locate ones that will prove helpful in getting out of your fashion rut.

In short, it won’t take long to get up to date and into the 21st century world of fashion for women and teens. You’ll become a virtual fashionista! Now, it’s probably time to complete your fashionable look with a new hair style or at least a different or unusual outfit, wouldn’t you say?

Karlie Kloss

The tall and lean American girl is the flirty face of Marc Jacobs Lola perfume and popular name for just about every major runway show

The lean and tall American lady in this image is the teasing face of Marc Jacobs Lola perfume and popular name for practically every major runway show. Karlie’s blonde hair (sometimes), piercing eyes and pouting lips makes her a true icon in the network. I’m sure we’ll continue to see her on the ramp and the magazine covers for some time to come.

Taking into consideration that the top model list is constantly changing, some of these young ladies will not stay for a long period of time. But, just to be included in this section means they really have what it takes!

I hope you enjoyed the photographs of these female models on top and the tips for fashion as a bonus. Please stop by again to get more modeling tips for beginners along with fashion, beauty and other stories. See you then!

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