Enhance Your Photo Shoot with These 3 Female Modeling Poses for Beginners

Girls and young women who love to model but don’t know where to begin will love this video I posted on my YouTube modeling channel. It shows 3 easy but effective female modeling poses for beginners and I’ve placed it below so you can watch it now.

The posing video is very complete and focuses mainly on three female model poses you can easily copy and make your own.

You don’t have to be a celebrity talent to do these either!

Why Do Models Need Posing Lessons?

I have found, in my many years as a model portfolio photographer and author of How to become a model, that beginners in modeling who come in are very awkward in their posing stance, expressions and other attributes when we begin shooting their model photos.

Now, with that said, with a little direction some begin to act naturally and loosen up by the fifth or sixth frame.

Learning a basic model pose or two will give a girl confidence

Once you learn just a few of these basic female modeling poses shown on the video and in the lesson you’ll become more confident with even the first frame when you step in front of a camera – no matter if it’s in the studio or on location.

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3 Quick Tips for Female Modeling Poses

1. Relax, Keep Calm, and Step in Front of the Camera

female modeling posesKnowing the look you are going for will help you to be less nervous, making your modeling poses appear more natural.

Check magazines in fashion, fitness, glamour, etc. and pick about 10 poses you like.

Practice them in the mirror and then change them to fit your look. You’ll be amazed at the effect!

2. Your Hands and Face

In pictures, the face and hands tell a story. Be aware of where your hands are and; do they add or take away from the photograph? Use them to tell people more.

The same goes for your expressions. For instance, you wouldn’t wear a black Gothic outfit and wig to show an optimistic outlook, would you?

This is extreme but make your expression fit the mood you want to portray and the clothes you are wearing. A business suit can show a variety of poses but most will give a feeling of power or money.

3. Your Female Model Poses Should Be Original

Become an idea factory when you get ready for a portfolio shoot. Come up with as many posing ideas as possible – no matter how outrageous they may seem. You can always toss out the ones that don’t work.

Creativity is the lifeblood of photography and modeling so leave some of those inhibitions at the studio door. You’ll get some amazing shots if you work your ideas into the session. And, your photographer will love it!

There’s much more to posing for female models and I hope to list more tips but take these first, re-read and put some of the ideas into practice today and watch your photos improve.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say that you are a professional model who knows what she is doing? Practice first – then believe it!

I hope you enjoyed these tips for female modeling poses. Most of all, I hope you learned some techniques to help you get those magnificent pictures you deserve. Thank you for stopping in and I look forward to seeing you again soon. – Bob Pardue


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