female modeling poses

Taking your posing seriously is a key step in becoming a model – male or female.

Female Modeling poses at a glance

Female Modeling poses at a glance

That is why I’ve posted this video instruction guide about female modeling poses.

3 Easy Female Modeling Poses To Help You Personally

So that girls and young women can get some ideas and insight before they go to their first model photo shoot with a professional photographer.

Learning what can make you a success as a model and then doing – this should be your new motto if you are a beginner and haven’t developed your talent as yet.

Getting Started with Female Model Poses

First, as a beginner, you’ll want to know how to make your body do different things.

For instance, you might want to look skinny in some photos, slimming your waist by the way you present yourself to the camera.

Or, your modeling image goal could be to look very tall, get a special effect going or, well you get the picture.

Learn all you can about the female pose it takes to make women appear as they do in magazines, on the runway, etc. and you will be ahead of much of your competing talent.

Let’s Begin Posing!

1. Hips and Shoulders

A very basic pose idea is to turn your hips away from the camera while keeping your shoulders square to the lens.

This will create a slimming of your hips and you don’t look as “broad” in your lower body when the final print is developed.

I haven’t worked with many girl models who wanted me to make them look large. d:-)

Try this simple posing technique as shown in the video and you will be very pleased with the results.

2. Move Your Feet

Another very traditional pose simulation is done with your feet and shifting weight. It’s really easy and effective for all female modeling types.

While standing with one side or the other toward the photographer, simply shift the weight to your back foot – as if you were standing in a group of girls chatting.

Then, put a hand on your hip, use both hands if you like, cross your arms over your chest, turn your head, tilt your head – you’ll find tons of variations in these poses and get some fabulous photos in the meantime.

3. Female Model Facial Expressions

Giving great facial expressions is the essence of getting results from your photo shoot.

Without a variation in your face, pictures tend to look bland and boring – as a woman building a portfolio or working for a modeling agency, you surely don’t want this.

Here is a little secret to getting the look you want during your studio or location session.

Use your past experiences to portray a “real” look.

For instance, to get a natural smile or laugh, visualize something funny – did you hear a hilarious joke today? Same goes for other expressions.

To look depressed or sad, think of something in your background that brings you to that point. Here are a few other emotions to practice.

  • happiness
  • sadness
  • depression
  • determined
  • afraid
  • coy
  • sexy
  • anticipation
  • anger
  • dislike
  • love
  • reflection

There are lots more you can incorporate into your photo shoot but these should be a part of your “list” of emotions you can bring to the surface at will.

Once you practice and feel comfortable with posing and giving looks, the person behind the camera will fall in love with your obvious talent and abilities – and will call you for future photo shoots.

Not to mention there might be other jobs waiting for you when you are considered a professional model by those working in the industry.

Now, watch the video about female modeling poses one more time!  See you next time! – Bob


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