Female Modeling Measurements

How To Take Female Modeling Measurements

How Many Inches Are Your Bust, Waist and Hips? You Should Know!

Are you 34-24-34 ? If you are not sure, read these tips for how to take female modeling measurements and you’ll have the info when a model agency asks you.

As if you didn’t know these are perfect measurements for new female models and you should know what yours are.

Hopefully, these few tips for models will help..

female modeling measurements

female modeling measurements

What Size Model Are You?

OK, get out the tape measure. Then, learn how to take female body measurements in inches.

There are many different types of model jobs. So, you should keep your female measurements handy. These are: bust, waist and hip.

Why Do You Need to Measure Yourself?

No matter if you are applying to an international agency or a local management company, they will most likely want your statistics which includes:

  • height
  • weight
  • measurements
  • dress size
  • shoe size etc.

Knowing how to give your exact size is critical for anyone who wants to pursue a career in modeling.

Tools Needed to Help You Give Accurate Female Modeling Measurements

Tape Measure

A measuring tape that is specifically used for sewing, and that you can wrap around yourself, is required for taking female measurements.

In order to get accurate measurements, get someone to do the measuring for you.

Your friend would probably be glad to do this for you. Or, you can use a professional seamstress. Many provide this service at no extra cost.

Do I Wear Clothes When Taking Body Measurements?

female modeling measurements

female modeling measurements

Don’t get all stressed out about someone else taking your model measurements, because you do not have to remove any clothing.

By wearing a regular bra and underwear, you can get more accurate measurements.

About the Model Agencies

Top modeling agencies have rules and certain modeling requirements to be a model.

And, these include submitting your body type and measurements.

Most of the time, a modeling agency will want your full measurements, taken by one of their staff.

So, if you like, you can take along a bathing suit to wear during this time.

Remember, it is important to always stand when taking your measurements.

How to Take Your Female Modeling Measurements

Measuring Bust Size ( Bra Size )

In order to get your correct bust measurement, keep your arms down. Measure across the fullest part of your bust, under your arms and across shoulder blades.

Be sure to keep the measuring tape straight across back without pulling it tight.

Waist Size Measurements For Girl Models

Take your correct waist measurement by wrapping the tape naturally loose around the smallest circumference of the abdomen.

Hip Measurements

To get your hip measurements, stand with your feet together. Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips. Keep tape straight and snug, but not too tight.

Model Measurement Sizes Required By Job Types – What Size Is A Female Model?

The ideal body measurements wanted in the modeling industry are, of course, 34-24-34, but everyone can’t be that lucky. Here are a few measurements required for a successful model.

A. Female Body Type For Catalog Modeling

  • Bust 32″-34″
  • Waist 24″-26″
  • Hips 33″-35″

B. Body Measurement For A Catwalk Model ( Or Runway Modeling )

  • Bust 32″-36″
  • Waist 22″-26″
  • Hips 33″-35″

Now Tell The Truth – What Size Are You?

Just remember, always be truthful about your measurements. You may find yourself looking for another career if you show up for a photo shoot and you aren’t the size the agency is expecting.

Now, take your body measurements for runway, commercial, or fashion modeling. Then, put together some pictures.

Finally, contact talent management companies!

Tip: The first thing you have to get is to get going!

Whether you want to become a high fashion model, do commercial or catalog work, the modeling tutorials online can help.

I believe you can learn to get yourself into the industry with this valuable modeling advice. So, do something toward your dream now.

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See you next time! – Bob


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