Watch a Model Go From Plain to Beautiful By Retouching (Video)

Although, as a model portfolio photographer, I do my own retouching of images, I never thought about what the Photoshop process would look like on video.

This is a cool presentation I found showing how a female model can go from plain to absolutely stunning with a little work from a talented retouch artist.

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Yes, She Has On Makeup

This has nothing to do with makeup but the results are similar to those beautiful girls you see on the billboards, in top fashion magazines and numerous other venues.

Already shining as “star” material

Photoshop and modelsNow, while showing this video makes it seem that these models are not beautiful to begin with is a farce.

The girls who come into my studio already have “the look” and I could many times present them without make up or retouching at all and they would come out on top.

Final Photoshop Retouch of Models

But, the Photoshop program puts the finishing retouch on an unpainted canvas which becomes a picture we can’t seem to take our eyes away from.

Watch the video below to see a transformation of a beautiful girl into an amazing female model picture.

Looking for more in modeling?

Hope you enjoy this modeling tip video and look for more posts, tips and news from the fashion world in later issues of my blog and free modeling tips sent out about twice weekly.

 Beautiful girl model picture“Nicole” – Model Photo by Bob Pardue



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