Conquer Female Model Poses and Walk the Runway

If you are a young woman with a burning desire to get going in the modeling network – in most cases you will be required to learn some basic female model poses for runway no matter what type or form of the modeling area you embark upon.

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Learning How to Pose for the Catwalk

Your pose is entirely up to you and your photographer.


Poses also include legs placement, the outline of the leg affects the viewers overall impression of the position.

This can be accomplished by exercising control over the legs.

High heels and the catwalk

High heel shoes are an important part of walking the runway. Therefore, practice wearing high heels often to gain confidence. I’ve seen to many “runway fails” so don’t ignore this part.

One word for heels – the higher the better to perfect the walk. Use heels because the height of your heels emphasizes your calves and gives them more definition.

You’ll naturally look taller in heels too which is a plus when showing off that wardrobe.

One other thought about heels. No matter how easy it looks, the runway is slippery so practice walking on a catwalk if you can gain access. This will improve your ability considerably.

“Stand up straight.”

Good posture is another important element, your posture or body language  tells your audience you are self-confident or you lack self-confidence.

Keep your head in the upright position and walk tall to achieve good  posture. Walk with a sense of purpose and boldly with an erect posture  as this also indicates you are confident and have strength.

Flex you feet, you can do this when you wear high heels, and  lift your legs high for each step as well.

Walk straight too!

For best results on the runway always walk  straight as if you are going somewhere in a bit of a hurry and emphasize the center of your body to accentuate  each step that you take.

Walking this way help, you emphasize the leg  length and draws attention to your hips when moving on the catwalk.

Nothing Takes the Place of Repetition

If  you are beginner in the world of modeling and female model poses, practice your walk and practice  it again.

Watch other female models as often as necessary to learn how to become a model and walk the runway – they have already learned the female model poses and walking style so don’t re-invent the wheel.

Learn from Professional Female Models

Copy at first with books like this one by Cocoa Rocha Study of Pose, then develop your own posing style. Then they might just be copying you! Now you see how important learning basic female model poses for runway can be. Get started today – get your photographer to do the portfolio photos later!

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