Female Model Poses For Runway

If you are a young woman with a burning desire to get going in the modeling network, pay close attention.

In most cases, you will be required to learn some basic female model poses for runway. And, runway posing becomes essential no matter what form your modeling career embarks upon.

Walk Like a Natural Born Model – Take the Mystery Out of Female Model Poses for Runway

Learning How to Pose for the Catwalk

Your runway model pose is entirely up to you and your photographer. Get this right in the beginning.female model poses for runway

Legs & Posing on the Runway

Poses also include legs placement. And, the outline of the leg affects the viewers overall impression of the position.

You accomplish this pose by exercising control over the legs.

What about Wearing High Heels on the Catwalk?

In modeling, high heel shoes play an important part of walking the runway. Therefore, practice wearing high heels often to gain confidence. Yes, I’ve seen to many “runway fails“. So, don’t ignore this part.

One word for heels – the higher the better to perfect the walk. Runway models use heels because the height of the heels emphasizes your calves. And, these shoes give your calves more definition.

Plus, you naturally look taller in heels. This becomes a plus when showing off that wardrobe.

And finally, no matter how easy it looks, the runway is slippery & hazardous! So, practice walking on a catwalk if you can gain access. This improves your runway pose ability considerably.

female model poses for runway

female model poses for runway

For best results on the catwalk, always walk  straight.

How? Read these two quick tips..

  1. Walk as if you are going somewhere in a bit of a hurry.
  2. And,emphasize the center of your body to accentuate each step that you take.

Walking this way helps you emphasize the leg length. And, it draws attention to your hips when moving on the ramp.

Did You Do It Right? Then Do It Over! Nothing Takes the Place of Repetition

If  you are just starting out with female model poses for the runway, practice your walk. Then, practice it again.

Watch other female models as often as necessary. Soon, you will really learn how to be a model and walk the runway.

Remember, these girls have already learned the female model poses and walking style. So, don’t try to re-invent the wheel.

Learn Female Runway Poses from Professional Female Models

Copy at first with books like the one by Cocoa Rocha. Then, develop your own style & walk.

After you learn the basics, other models might just start copying you!

I hope you enjoyed these quick modeling tips about walking the ramp. Now you see how important learning basic female model poses for runway can be.

Get started today. Study and practice. Only then, get your photographer to do the portfolio photos! – Bob

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