Look Inside for Examples of Female Model Portfolios (Video)

The young lady in this video really fills you in with her female model portfolio examples and her life as a model. I believe you’ll enjoy her story – but there’s more!

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Get Inspired by This Female Models Images and Career

A Model’s Life Changing Trip

Nikita (I believe that’s her name) shares with you about her amazing trip to New York City. She meets with some modeling agency representatives and even talks with a few of the top model management people in NYC. And, she gives a hint of some delicious things to come in her career!

The Modeling Portfolio Example

Then she goes on to show a sample of her modeling pictures on the video. My tip is that you scroll through the different poses and expressions given until you find a few that really “jump out” at you.

Take note of the time so you can go back to them and use them in your female model portfolio practice session. This will help you put together some different modeling looks. You can use these when you are working with professional photographers. This works the same no matter if it’s a TFCD session or a paid photo shoot.

The Picture Book of Samples

The “book” section givesĀ  some great examples of female model portfolios for you to see. It includes shots from the runway along with some studio images, etc.

The Fashion Side of Modeling

Another interesting thing about these female model images is the display and varied collection of cool fashion clothes she is wearing. This gives her a great look no matter if she is working in a studio setting or walking down the catwalk.

Now you have another opportunity to find ideas for your next shooting session. Look at the outfits, see if you can improve on them or use some of the different ones in combination with one another. The avenues are endless if you really take some time to use your imagination.

The Model Portfolio Photographer

Lastly, this girl has access to some amazing photographers! In my opinion these guys (or girls) did some absolutely awesome work in the picture creation process. The retouching after-capture of some very dedicated professionals in the field shows what can be done in the editing room.

Well, you’ll just have to view the video to get the rest (My hands are cramping from writing so much.) of the photo gallery and fun info.

Ready to Get Started in Modeling Yourself?

I hope you enjoyed the female model portfolio examples and will use this video to improve your pictures. If you would like more information about creating professional female model portfolios – or tons of tips for how to become a female model, then you’ll want to join our newsletter below and give yourself a real chance in the network. Oh, did I mention you get a free gift when you subscribe? It’s a surprise so just do it now! Go Here to Get the Tips for Models and Your Gift ..




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