fat burning foods

fat burning foods

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Fitness, and even those involved in fashion modeling, know this better than anyone. But, can you really eat fat burning foods to lose weight? Well, this might sound too good to be true, don’t you agree?

But, in reality, scientific studies show that women who consume these fat burning foods end up losing more fat than those who decline.

And, this natural weight loss occurs even when all other diet & exercise factors are equal!

What Have You Got to Lose? Weight Of Course! Try theseĀ 3 Miracle Fat Burning Foods & Enjoy the Results!

Today, we’ll check out three of the most effective foods for burning fat. People interested in model fitness will really benefit and learn, according to science:


You may already know this one. Yes, I’m talking about the plain, bland bean. No doubt, beans give you an amazing protein regimen. This natural fat burning food contains carbohydrates & protein which adds a healthy mix to your diet.

But, beans don’t always digest quickly. So your system takes longer to pass them through. And, this is a good thing for you.

Why? Because those fat burning beans help keep your blood sugar stable. And, you won’t experience hunger for a while longer. This turns them into an all-natural weight loss plan for women who experience hunger often.

Okay, Beans Help You Burn Fat – What Else?

The real health benefit of eating beans is the fiber content.

No doubt, fiber acts like a workout for your digestive system. It helps control your blood glucose (prevents spikes). And, fiber keeps your system running smoother.

What Type Beans Should I Eat?

Don’t get fancy here. Plain beans work best. Those baked beans coated with sugar or re-fried beans can affect your weight loss efforts negatively.

They add too many calories and simple carbs to your diet. So, stick with plain & simple.

Skim Milk

I love a tall glass of milk with my sandwich at night (with whole wheat bread of course). Yes, these fat burning foods include calcium.

In fact, skim milk represents one of the most popular boosters for metabolism. And, studies show that calcium is a fat cutter food for losing weight.

These studies included two test subject groups:

  1. This group took calcium each day in several servings.
  2. The other group did everything the same except they received no extra calcium.

Guess what happened? Yep, group number one lost almost three times the weight as group number two!

How to Increase Calcium in Your Diet

Now that you realize that calcium is a fat burning food, how can you get more of it? Fortunately, there are several ways to increase your calcium intake.

Read the food guidelines here:

  • Eat vegetables like broccoli or kale
  • Sardines
  • Yogurt
  • But, the most popular includes dairy products (low fat of course)

So, choose fat burning foods made from fat-free, 2%, or 1% milk. These give you the greatest amount of calcium. And, you’ll enjoy the lowest amount of calories.

Green Tea

Green tea became extremely popular a few years ago. Although it’s been around for a while, some women don’t realize its fat burning benefits.

Nevertheless, green tea is dubbed a dieter’s miracle food.

Why is Green Tea So Important for Health & Weight Loss?

First, green tea contains powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants reduce the number of potentially cancerous free radicals in the body.

Secondly, its low caffeine content helps perk up your heart rate and metabolism. And, it does this without putting too much stress on your body.

Third, green tea acts as a mild diuretic. This diuretic helps you get rid of retained fluid.

Is Green Tea Among the Best Foods for Burning Fat?

Well, studies of green tea as a fat burner show some conclusive results. And, they are encouraging.

It seems people who drink up to four/six cups per day lose weight faster than those who don’t. It’s worth adding some green tea to your fat loss program.

Okay Four! Plain Pure Water

No, it contains absolutely no nutrition. But, water still tops the list of foods that burn fat.

Exactly What Does Water Do?

Water is so healthy for you because:

  • It dilutes sodium to beat bloating
  • Pushes retained fluid from our bodies
  • Promotes healing
  • And satisfies the appetite.
fat burning foods

fat burning foods

But, many women don’t realize that water helps keep your metabolism rate at a maximum. Yes, water is a real fat burning food (even if it’s not considered food).


Your Kidneys Need to Be Lubricated!

No doubt, our kidneys make up our major filtration system. And yes, they help pass toxins and waste fluids out of our bodies.

So, your kidneys need lubricating with plenty of hydration. That is, if you plan for them to function at full capacity.

When the water is low, your kidneys go to the liver for back-up. This still works as a filtration system, but not the best way to use your liver. in fact, the liver’s function is to turn stored fat into energy.

That’s why you don’t want to constantly use it to backup the kidneys. So, drink plenty of water every day to keep up your metabolism and burn the fat.

Why You Should Eat Fat Burning Foods

Sure, you can go on crash diets and lose a few pounds. But, doesn’t a simple health and fitness lifestyle change make more sense?

To lose fat and become healthier, start eating fat burning foods daily. Drink plenty of water (about 64 ounces if possible). Along with these good eating habits, start a constructive exercise routine like walking, biking or even yoga to burn more calories.

Practice this easy-on-the-body routine daily. Then, you’ll see the pounds melt away. And, the good news is; the weight loss can become permanent once you get into the habit.

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If you’re like me, you want a healthy diet plan – one that works, right? Well, eating these fat burning foods gives you a head start and you will see results. ‘Nuff said! – Bob

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