Fashion Week – London, Paris or New York? You Don’t Have to Travel Abroad for Fashion Week

Excitement is in the air. The designers are beaming with their newest creations hoping to dazzle the crowd into a frenzy (and buy their wares)! Yes, I’m talking about fashion week and it’s the biggest time of the year for fashion designers and clothing buyers.

Fashion Dresses for Models

In fact, what you wear next spring or summer will depend upon what the perfect body, beautiful fashion models wear in the fall at these events.

Fashion Week in Augusta?

Yep, I did say Augusta Georgia! In May, 2015, WAGT reporter Alexa Laz wrote about Augusta’s first fashion week event:

“Local fashion designer Zaccheus Miles got a team of local designers he knows to put this first time Augusta Fashion event together.

“It’s a lot of work, a lot of dedication. It had a few ups and downs, a few trial moments you have to get through. You have to find a lot of things that you may have not have know you have to do for events,” the event organizer says.

The three day event will include a benefit and honor concert Friday night. The fashion show is scheduled for Saturday, followed by industry classes for attendees and designers on Sunday.

I asked the founder of the event, “This isn’t New York, this isn’t L.A…. why would you say there is a need for this here?”

Miles says, ” Well, ashion is a growing industry. Why not start it in Augusta?” read more ..

AdWeek Talks Fashion Week Locations

Speaking of holding fashion week in other places besides Milan or New York, the prestigious Ad Week news blog posted an interesting article about runway fashion shows in places such as Stockholm, Hoboken and Hong Kong to name a few.

Writer Tony Case gives some details outlining why runway events are no longer limited as much by geography. This is what he says:

“Naturally, fashion weeks have sprung up in international capitals associated with style, design and luxury living—among them, Dubai, Stockholm and Hong Kong.

But places as far-flung as Little Rock, Nashville, even St. Charles, Mo., have also launched their own franchises to bring business and buzz to local designers and retailers.

And brands like Cadillac, T-Mobile, Red Bull and Peroni have signed on as sponsors.” read more ..

Fashion Week Show Coming to Hakensack New Jersey?

I’m not saying! But, with all the shows listed in some of the news above I wouldn’t bet against it! In my opinion this is really refreshing since the major cities of the world have dominated fashion (along with the events) for many years.

On the other hand, I’m a little sad. Bringing fashion week to smaller markets might take some of the romance out of buying a Gucci handbag, don’t you think? – Bob Pardue

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