While fashion photographers may not be as famous as their glamorous subjects are, they are as sought after in their own way as the runway fashion model herself. But, to get to this high level of photography takes hard work and persistence.

How do fashion photographers get started?

What can not be overemphasized in the education to become a fashion photographer is the need to study the genre. read and study the modeling photographs that were included in the top magazines and decipher why the shots were chosen and what angles and devices the photographer used to get the shot.

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Put Together a Fashion Photographers Portfolio

The first step in becoming a fashion photography expert is by creating your portfolio of pictures.

This book of photos should be kept handy at all times and placed online for easy access by others. You can either develop your own photographer’s web site or find one of the many ready-made photography entities in order to set up and display your photographs.

How Many Pictures in a Fashion Photography Portfolio?

As a fashion photographer your portfolio should consist of approximately 20 shots in a sharp, vibrant image.

Speaking of which, be sure to include only your very best shots. Look through and then look again to weed out any pics which might be considered mediocre.

10 “wow” photos is better than 50 “ho-hum” images. If you’ve ever had your work published, tear it out of the magazine and include it in your portfolio.

Vary Your Shooting in Fashion Pictures

When working the ramp or subject, you should use a variety of shots, angles, distances and lenses to capture that once in a lifetime shot.

Be aware of your surroundings and don’t be afraid to get dirty by sitting on the floor or climbing high to get that different shot. Get your photography right, get your portfolio seen, make some contacts with modeling agencies and other prospective clients and you might just find yourself in demand one day.

These tips are just the beginning. As with any career, those shutterbugs who want to become fashion photographers have to put in some hours, do lots of research, maybe attend at least a simple photography school or seminars, and be willing to work until their work is picture perfect. Then they can consider themselves to be a professional photographer – not before.

Photography Master Class

fashion photographersIf you are serious about becoming a fashion photographer then you’ll want to take a look at the Photography Master Class program. It will take you though the whole process of getting those awesome photos no matter if you are shooting models or other subjects. You can check here for details.

Good luck in your new career choice as a fashion photographer and I hope you success! Now, go and find that model who will get you some great pics! – Bob Pardue

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