Fashion Modeling Jobs – Are Fashion Jobs for Models Really Worth It?

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If you are ready and willing to do what it takes to be a fashion model then you’ll want to know what others are saying, right? This piece shows some ups and downs about working in fashion modeling jobs to give you a little more insight before you start in the network.

And remember, all these people are only giving their opinions based on their experiences. When you’re finished, keep learning all you can to continue your journey in fashion jobs to see if you love or hate it.

The Negative of Fashion Modeling Jobs?

This story is from XO Jane and she is not talking well of being a fashion model. She writes;

“It was after a coked up 13-year-old arrived at the agency with dark circles under her eyes and a boyfriend 10 years her senior that I had my final wake up call.

I could no longer do it. I looked at myself. Emaciated body. Controlled life. Negative thoughts. And the fact that I worked in an industry that encouraged an innocent youth to have a thriving modeling career despite a shrunken appearance and unhealthy lifestyle.

It wasn’t like I hadn’t heard stories of this nature before entering the fashion world. I had. But, I considered myself smarter and stronger.

I thought I could maintain control. I had stayed out of trouble in high school. I was a student at McGill University. I had thick skin. I was capable of deciphering good from bad.”

One Female Model Takes the Lead

In this world of fashion modeling jobs there is much which goes on behind the scenes and many girls are powerless to stop the treatment.

One model is doing something about it. Her name is Sara Ziff and she is the subject of “Model life: to call it indentured servitude is no exaggeration”. The Guardian writes in their article;

“In the last three years, she has founded her nonprofit, Model Alliance, and has been fighting for the rights of models in the workplace. She now counts 400 members.

Ziff’s battles have included extending New York child performer rights to include underage models, speaking up against the designers who, up until this year, paid most of their models in trade during fashion week (think a pair of stiletto shoes or a geometric dress rather than in hard cash), and highlighting the lack of financial transparency between agencies and the models they represent.” read more ..

Jobs for Fashion Models? Keep a Cool Head

These two stories show that the fashion model industry can be brutal. Am I trying to “scare” you into shying away from fashion modeling jobs and going after your lifelong dream? No, just giving you something to think about.

Keep your parents involved in everything you do. You need someone who cares to watch over you in this industry. Don’t let yourself be taken in by slick talk or those promising the moon who never deliver. Make sure to find the best fashion modeling jobs for your career and keep common sense in mind. You’ll be much happier this way! – Bob Pardue


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