fashion model quiz

fashion model quiz

Test Your Modeling IQ – Take The Fashion Model Quiz Just For Fun!

No matter if you are a new female model or you’ve been in the game a while, this fashion model quiz is sure to test your IQ.


I set up this set of Q&A for your enjoyment. But, it amazed me at how many professional models didn’t know all the answers.Now, after you take the fashion model quiz, let us know how you scored in the comments below. Also, tell which answers stumped you – if any.

The model quiz can help you in your career. I purposefully took the questions and answers from an article I wrote called 10 things new female models must know (no cheating) because I had so many requests.

Didn’t Get 5 Out of 5 on the Model Quiz?

fashion model quiz

fashion model quiz

If you didn’t score very high, don’t panic!

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