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If you are really serious about becoming a model, don’t put it off any longer. Start searching for official websites of fashion modeling agencies.

Don’t be afraid to start  making contacts.

Whether you’re an adult or teenager pursuing a career in this industry, choosing a reputable modeling agency will definitely help in reaching your dream. Here are a few tips about modelling agencies to get you going in the right career direction.

How to Apply to a Fashion Modeling Company

Remember fashion modeling is a very competitive business so, if you are not very tall – commercial, print or maybe promotional modeling might be more in line.

For these types of talent, a model needs an outgoing personality and ability to sell through pictures or maybe even in person (trade show).How to Find and Apply to Fashion Model Agencies

Each Modeling Agent is Different

You’ll find that every model agency takes a different approach.

There are some model management companies will communicate with you through email. But, others want to you to come in for an interview or test shoot to see if you have the look they are searching for.

When contacting agencies for job openings, inquire about any open calls or interviews they might be offering in the near future.

Ask about what is required of you when coming to an open call such as should you wear any makeup or bring a portfolio. Most talent scouts just want to see the real you.

Agency Size Requirements for Male or Female Fashion Models

To start in fashion modeling – you DO need to be tall. This is not normally a petite business.

Generally for a female, the height required is about 5’8″ up and Weight 108 to 130 lbs. Dress size 6-8 with desired figure of 34B-24-34.

Male model height required is 5’ll”- 6’2″ with a weight of 140-165 lbs.

Many modeling agents and fashion designers have varying height and weight requirements.

They search for a certain look that changes depending on the what is needed for clients at that particular time.

Others have height and weight charts they strictly follow for all male and female fashion models.

Fashion Model Agencies for Teenagers

There is a big market today for teen fashion modeling with all the new styles in hair coloring, jewelry and especially the trendy clothes.

Model agencies are constantly searching for the perfect teen model to wear these latest fashions.

Look Carefully at Model Agents Before Signing On

Take your time when searching for an agent so you will find the right one for your career in this industry.

Check references on the agencies to make sure they are trustworthy and reputable. Remember, there are many,many scams out there just waiting.

So, be careful, be practical, and look for fashion model agencies through referral of a friend who’s worked with them if possible.


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Do it the right way and be prepared if you want to find modeling jobs in the fashion realm. Good luck and have fun! – Bob Pardue

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