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They set the trends for dress fashions, or do they? Some outfits I’ve seen on the runway were never seen again. What you and I don’t understand is that fashion dress designers live in their own little world with no concept of what women want.

Why is this important to you?

When you become a fashion model, you should at least become familiar with what’s happening in other areas of the fashion industry.

This will help you understand more about why you are modeling the dresses, shoes or other items for these designers. Let’s learn a bit about fashion designers.

Fashion Dress Designers Seem To Live In Their Own Little Shell

Have you ever looked at clips from fashion shows and wondered what clothing designers are thinking? I realize they are supposed to be high fashion, but some of them are making dresses I cannot imagine anyone wearing anywhere.

I don’t know why they waste their time, and I don’t know why they do it.

I guess I might not understand because I couldn’t imagine paying thousands of dollars for a single dress. I could be a billionaire and I still wouldn’t do it.

I know there are some high fashion dresses shown off on the catwalk that never see the light of day again.

Why do they do it?

Showing The Creative Genius Of The Fashion Designer

Perhaps it is a matter of showing of what you can do, even though you know the average person won’t wear it. Perhaps dress designers are not concerned with the average person, and that makes it worth their while.

Dress and fashion designers are often said to be the style setters, but I’m not so sure that is the case. If people don’t like something, it doesn’t matter who is wearing it.

I have seen celebrities wearing a style that they were probably given by a certain shop or clothing designer. These vanished rather fast. Though a lot of the time they stick to some degree, even the dress designers aren’t perfect.

The “Average Guy Look” By Top Fashion Designing Experts

I see that a lot of dress designers are now moving into making clothing for the average person.

They are still making high-end clothing for the rich, but they are also using their skills to make great designs for everyone else. This is a great idea, and I can’t imagine why dress designers did not do this long ago.

Some of these famous tailors may think it diminishes their high couture value, but I really don’t think so. This gives everyone a chance to own something great looking without spending a fortune, and what could be a better advertisement that having everyone look great with your name on it?


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My Final Take On Fashion Design

I’m not a dress designer so perhaps I will never quite understand. However, I do think that they are great at what they do, even if in the scope of life it is not something that will change the world.

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Though guiding fashions and what skirt women will wear will be something that can be seen globally, in the end it really doesn’t matter very much.

I do understand the drive to do what you love, and if being a high fashion dress designer is something that you have to do, then you should absolutely do it. Be happy! Oh, you can get more info about getting started with fashion design here ..

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