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Is your new outfit really complete? Do you feel like something is missing? It may be that you don’t have quite enough fashion accessories shopping experience.

It may be!

Truth is, a dress or skirt many times doesn’t stand alone as a complete outfit so this is where fashion accessories really turn on the charm, bracelet that is!

Fashion Accessories Shopping Tips – How to Compliment Your Outfit & Look Fantastic!

Guest Post By: Janice Easley

When women wear a new outfit, a just bought skirt or dress, they absolutely need fashion accessories to compliment it. So, let’s decide how much we want to spend and go shopping for an affordable accessory item.

Women Need an Accessory to Wear with Their New Fashion Outfit at an Affordable Price

New outfit? Nothing to wear with it?

Here are a few tips to keep from spending a fortune on your next bracelet, belt or necklace.

I don’t know about you, but when you’re looking over your clothing budget, as I have, there’s not much money to allocate to this item.

The kids need clothes and other necessities, such as a soaring winter electric bill, must take precedence. So how can you keep your wardrobe looking up to date without new clothes? Hey, the answer is simple – and inexpensive. Go on an accessories shopping trip!

Be Creative when Choosing a Fashion Accessory

Simple, but carefully chosen accessories, such as a glitzy belt, scarves, handbags and costume jewelry, can be worn with lots of items in your closet.

Mixing and matching accessories with clothing you already have is the key to making a relatively small wardrobe look fresh and chic. Let’s take a look at how you can make this wardrobe option work for you.

When you plan your accessories shopping trip, think outside the box! There are certainly plenty of upscale accessories shops at the mall, but these are among the most expensive ways to go.

Check the phone book for smaller shops, which don’t have the high overhead of shops at the mall.

These small shops are typically family owned businesses which carry more unusual items, hand picked by the owner. In order to compete with the mall shops, the small shop must offer a better selection, as well as reasonable prices.

Thrift Stores, Salvation Army and Consignment Shops

The consignment and thrift shops are other good places to go accessories shopping, with one-of-a-kind accessories you won’t find elsewhere. Many people think that these stores carry old, worn out and outdated accessories. This is absolutely not the case!

These stores are picky about what they accept for resale. In the worst case, a nice pair of gloves may be missing a button at the wrist, or you may find a small tear in the lining of a handbag.

With such easily repaired items, the price is going to reflect that flaw. These stores also have some great retro style costume jewelry. Unlike the mall shops, with a dozen accessories which are identical, you’ve got dozens of one-of-a-kind items from which to choose.

Pick Up Fashion Accessories for Your Outfit at the Local Attic Sale

Last, but not least, check out garage sales, crafts fairs and flea markets for some inexpensive and exciting additions to your accessories shopping trip and wardrobe makeover.

Check Your Wardrobe

Look through your closet before you shop. Most of us have favorite colors. Let’s say you tend to lean towards blues and purples, Kelly green and your basic black.

A woven, rainbow colored belt, or an elasticized faux gold belt can be worn with most of your clothes.

Patterned scarves are another item to look for when accessories shopping. If you have a particular skirt or sweater which you’d like to match up with just the right colors, bring those items with you, especially if you’re shopping at thrift shops, consignment shops, garage sales or flea markets, as sales are typically final and can’t be returned.

If you like hats, keep your eyes open. A broad brimmed black or beige hat can be made more versatile, with a scarf, ribbons or strings of fake flowers placed around the brim.

This hat can become suitable for plenty of occasions, from a casual lunch date to a night on the town. Costume jewelry can add just the right touch to a perfectly coordinated outfit.

You can see that a simple wardrobe and a small budget need not be a cause for despair. Accessories shopping can give your wardrobe a fashion makeover, with very little money required! Now, get out your $2, let’s go downtown and start shopping ..

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