In Modeling It’s All About the Eyes

There are plenty of things you can do to make a photo shoot go better. But, the old saying; “The eyes are the windows of the soul.” is especially true in modeling pictures as

A Former Female Model Talks about Smiling, Eyes and Posing

One of the most important tips I learned during my eighteen years of modeling has to do with the phrase, ‘The eyes are the window to your soul.” as Lori Jones will explain in her tips below.

Enjoy and be sure to use expressions in EVERY pose you make, okay?

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After dozens of photo shoots and a few jobs, I realized that I could smile for the camera and get some very nice pictures, but if I wanted really amazing shots I needed to reveal my personality through my eyes.

What am I talking about, you might ask? Here’s a fun trick you can try that will help to explain what I mean.

Mouth Vs. Eye Smile

First, smile with your mouth, but not your eyes. Make your smile nice and big—show teeth if you want, but keep your eyes still, without expression—don’t even flutter your lashes.

Now, smile with your eyes and don’t move your mouth. Flirt, tease, and have fun — with only your eyes.

Make sure not a trace of smile appears. Can you do it? No. That’s because the eyes are in control!!! The eyes are what give vitality and energy to every shot.

Model smiling with eyesSo, don’t worry so much about your hair or make-up. Don’t even worry about smiling.

As you just discovered, when you let your eyes take control of the modeling pose, that will happen naturally. And of course for practice you need to see if your eyes actually look like smiling, for that you’ll need one of those lighted makeup mirrors, so you can see your eyes with detail to see if it works.

Lori Jones

I hope you discovered something to take home for this quick tutorial on modeling poses and using your eyes to create the shot.

The tip is very simple, yet so powerful I know you can’t wait to get to your next model photo shoot so you can smile with your eyes too!

– Bob Pardue

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