When shooting pictures for modeling portfolios, one of the most important preparations is in the makeup. Yes, it’s fantastic to hire a makeup artist, but many of my female models have done their own makeup and the photos came out beautifully. With that said, eye powder is a great tool for getting those beautiful eyes. Then, you can give the look, right?

Eye Powder for Modeling Power Enhancement?

The eye powder you choose can make or break your facial appearance. With many gorgeous colors that define who you are and the model look you’re trying to create, eye powder is one of the most important make-up applications you’ll make.

How Do You Want Your Eyes to Look in Your Modeling Pictures?

Whether your goal is to dazzle your friends at a party, dress up for a model portfolio, or romanticize your eyes for a date, your choices of eye powder will make the difference. Fact is, in many cases you can learn how to be pretty using some of these techniques.

Two Types of Eye Powder Applications – Wet vs Dry

There are basically two ways you can apply your eye powder – wet or dry. With a wet application, you can use the eye powder as your main eye shadow and create a somewhat “shiny” look that attracts attention to the eyes immediately.

The eye powder will have a shimmering appearance that glistens under the lights. You can even blend several colors of eye powders to get the look and feel you want.

Eye powderAbout Wet!

To apply “wet” eye powder, use a wet / dry application brush. Dip the brush in water and then dip it into the desired eye powder.

Always, dip into the darker shade first and then blend with lighter shades to reach desired color. Apply the eye powder and blend it with a different wet or dry brush to get the look you want.

Using dry eye powder also enables you to enhance your eye shadow with unique colors.

First apply your normal eye shadow. Then apply a lighter shade of eye powder over it to blend colors and enhance your eye make-up. You can use like colors for a more conventional look or contrasting eye powder colors for the “shock” affect!

To try other looks with your eye powder, experiment with different size brushes, sponges and foam pads, or cloths. There are also cream-based eye shadows. Grab your model makeup kit and use what works best for you. If your eyes are very sensitive and tend to get watery or break out in a rash, try hypoallergenic eye powder.

Complement Your Eye Powder

Once you find the eye powder that best suits you, complement it with eyeliner and mascara Also, test various colors of lipstick and lip liner to complete your make-up.

Use glitter dusts to highlight certain areas of your eyes.

Choose colors that work for you. What looks great on your friend might look terrible when you try it. Eye powder colors should be compared with your skin tone, skin moisture level, hair color, the shape of your face, and eye color. Coordinate your best colors with your outfit.

Using wet / dry eye powder techniques to get the modeling look you want is easy. Practice a little at home and try out some new colors before your next big event. Your eyes will shine like the stars!

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You now know how I stand when it comes to using eye powder when preparing for modeling photos. I hope these eye makeup tips will help you get those “Wow” model images for your portfolio. After all, you deserve to look fantastic, don’t you? – Bob Pardue


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