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Because I’m over here and you are on set for the Foxes issues, I’m super flattered that Luke asked me to work with them again.

The first time they had me dress up and dance the night away. But, this time I had the chance to shoot 20 to 30 pictures of just me as Coco Rocha.

So, I was so excited and pumped! I really love having a good time on set.

For example, Rolando was dressing up in my outfits and posing. These fun shoots get me excited about going to work again.

Coco Just Wants to Have Fun!

In fact, just being around people who love to have fun, but are very hard workers as well, is terrific!

In the session, I have vintage fashion pieces from the 1800s. Also, I have great dresses from my mom’s prom – as well as dresses she wore when I was quite young.

Ms Rocha Has Dreams & Icons Too!

I’ve always been a fan of the silver screen legends. For instance, Elizabeth Taylor impressed me because of how she wore her hair. And, the jewels & dresses she just made life look elegant.

Working in Modelling

Ever at work on the streets, I do have the day I love.

Finally, Mike James was able to be on set with me for the two days.

The day was quite exciting because he wasn’t there just watching as a proud husband. This time, he worked along with me.

So, this is the footage he caught of me. That’s why it became so exciting that we were both at work together.

I hope this video gave you some fun and excitement about the modelling industry. And, I wish you the best of success on your next model photo shoot.

Cool Fashion Issue Video Featuring Model Coco Rocha

James Conran’s behind the scenes look at Coco Rocha in Elle UK’s August 2011 Fashion Issue editorial and cover shoot.

Photographer on board is Matthias Vriens-McGrath

Elle UK with Coco Rocha

About Canadian Supermodel Coco Rocha

I did some research and found some interesting information about Coco Rocha. According to Wiki…

“Coco Rocha was born Mikhaila Rocha. Her birthday is September 10, 1988. Coco is an extremely successful Canadian model.

She is known as one of the first “digital” supermodels, and is known for her advocacy for younger models.

As an author, she collaborated on the 2014 book Study of Pose which fared very well with new female models as well as experienced modeling women.

Rocha is also the founder of the Coco Rocha Model Camp and co-owner of the Nomad Management Modeling Agency.”

Here are a few comments about the Coco Rocha video:

“It’s so amazing, how this famous model becomes the character of the clothes.”

“I seriously think she (Coco Rocha) is the best model in the world. And not just fashion, but the best role model as well.”

I hope you enjoyed this popular video of Elle UK with Coco Rocha and will visit often to see more fashion issues like this one. – Bob

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