dslr vs point and shoot cameras

dslr vs point and shoot cameras

While making a decision about buying a new digital camera unit to step into the world of photography, it is important to do some homework. Most buyers find it little difficult to make decisions about whether they should invest in dslr vs point and shoot cameras.

Both these cameras differ in terms of size, performance speed, image quality and price as well.

So, it is important to make the best purchase decision after analyzing all factors.

As a New Photographer: Should You Buy a Digital SLR or Point and Shoot Camera? What’s the Difference Between DSLR vs Point and Shoot Cameras?

Benefits of DSLR Cameras:

First, professional photographers use DSLR cameras (digital single lens reflex) for..

  • their speed
  • power
  • and classic features.

These cameras provide more manual control on various aspects. But, users of a digital SLR camera must spend more time to learn how to use it effectively.

Therefore, most consider the digital single lens the best professional cameras when given the choice.

Find Highlights about DSLR Cameras Below:

The Good: Digital SLR cameras…

  • Are rated high for their impressive image quality.
  • They work with faster shutter speed, higher ISO range, and less grain.
  • DSLRs allow users to change lenses to enjoy wide flexibility for various situations.
  • One can also add a wide range of accessories like filters and flashes to improve results.
  • DSLR cameras have lower shutter lag while ensuring higher focus and start-up ability.
  • The optical viewfinder ability of digital single lens reflex cameras offers fine results.
  • Users can enjoy several manual control options on DSLR units.
  • Professional photographers enjoy creative shooting with customized adjustments.
  • These versatile cameras help you capture impressive images.
  • ¬† They produce great depth of field.
  • You can focus on objects while making backgrounds blur.

What’s the Trouble with DSLR Cameras?

  • The biggest negative with purchasing a camera with DSLR capabilities is that you have to invest more money.
  • Most of the DSLR units come with heavier case designs than point & shoot. They create a heavy load in your backpack.
  • The maintenance becomes a complicated task for DSLR users.
  • Most of the DSLR cameras are a bit noisy.
  • You’ll get into a learning curve. You have to spend more time to understand their features.

Pros and Cons of Point & Shoot Cameras along with Features:

I did lots of research when doing this DSLR vs point and shoot cameras comparison. And, I was a bit surprised at how popular the point & shoot has become.

When you want to enjoy fully automatic shooting without messing with manual controls, Point & Shoot cameras become the best choice.

These cameras are well known as fixed lens cameras as users cannot change their lenses like the digital SLR counterpart.

The Good, Bad & Ugly of Point & Shoot Cameras…

The Good: Point and Shoot Cameras…

  • This digital cameras’ slim and light weight structure helps photographers handle them safely on long hour journeys.
  • You seldom face noise related troubles with Point & Shoot cameras.
  • You normally get awesome images by setting this camera to Auto Mode.
  • The point & shoot camera costs less as compared to DSLR counterparts.
  • Most Point & Shoot cameras come with flip out screens. These enable users to capture shots with variable angles.

Point & Shoot Camera Limitations…

  • The image quality of Point & Shoot cameras is lower as compared to digital SLR camera units.
  • The ISO ranges are limited. So, you cannot expect clear images in low light conditions.
  • There are limited manual controls on the point & shoot.
  • Professional photographers find them less adaptable.

Final Thoughts about Point and Shoot vs DSLR Cameras

So, how do you know which digital camera to buy? Do you go with the higher priced DSLR camera or the less expensive point & shoot?

This is not a cut & dry decision. Both digital cameras have benefits and limitations. I’ve included the two favorite cameras below so you can find out more info about each.



Okay, I listed Canon for the camera of choice above. But, If you prefer Nikon, I actually use a Nikon DSLR myself. So, the choice is yours. Both are fantastic digital cameras.

The answer for¬†point and shoot vs DSLR cameras does become simple when you ask yourself this question…

…Am I a professional photographer – or independently wealthy?

If you answered yes to either, then the DSLR camera with a very expensive lens is for you.

But, if you’re not either of these, a point & shoot camera will serve you well for family gatherings, vacations or even a photography hobby to a point. (pardon the pun)

Next – Where Do You Find Deals on DSLR or Point & Shoot Cameras?

My advice is; shop for your digital camera online. You can…

==> Go to this page for one of the best selling DSLR cameras.


==> Check here for a well-known point & shoot.

I hope this review about DSLR vs point and shoot cameras helps you decide which camera equipment you need for your photography. You may not desire to become a professional photographer but your pictures can certainly look incredible!

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