How to Dress and Skirt Your Way into Fashion Success

You want to learn how to dress right but what is “right”? No doubt it’s a tough fashion world out there and if you want to keep up with the current fashion trends – especially if you are working in fashion modeling, you need to know about dresses and skirts when you fashion your way into the upper register of dressing up (or down).

Learn How to Become a Fashion Designer

What Do I Wear? Dresses or Skirts?

Learn more about what to wear to wherever with some sensible tips. This is an often asked question from women who want to look more beautiful but don’t want to overdo it.

Here is a quick outline for moving on your way toward wearing an outstanding outfit – no matter what you are doing or where you are going.

Have some fun with these fashion tips and look your best, no matter what!

What Do You Wear To A (Fill In The Blank) ?

Why is it so difficult to know what to wear? After all, you’ve been dressing yourself since the age of 5!

Do you know how to dress yourself? Dumb question, huh?

But, it always amazes me that with all of the events taking place in the world nowadays, the never ending crisis of getting dressed for the occasion still can cause more havoc than a natural disaster.

Two Simple Questions ..

Ask a young woman what she thinks of the recent hurricanes and you’ll get pity and disbelief, but if you ask her what she thinks she should dress up in for her Friday night date, she is likely to turn it into a dramatic event.

How in the world did society ever allow the drama of what to wear on a date become such an issue in our daily lives?

How to Dress for a Job Interview or Big Event

We land a job interview and suddenly are emptying our closets and drawers trying to find that outfit that will guarantee success. We get a wedding invitation and immediately are thinking about what to wear to the event.

Almost anything women do these days requires them to think about how to dress for a certain event or situation. One of the main things to remember when it comes to interviewing for a modeling job or any other type is to dress to impress the person you’re talking to. This can mean something different depending on the type job you’re after.

I covered a whole section about how to dress for a model agency interview so you really want to see this if you are into modeling. What’s really tragic is that the issue has managed to sculpt people’s opinions of others – just by the way they are outfitted!

How Do You Look At The Way Other Girls Dress?

Someone walks down the street wearing an outfit that we think is way too short or maybe too long, with brighter colors than we like, and we judge them.

We assume they’re too poor or just plain distasteful and that’s why they don’t know how to wear clothes the “right way”. Who decides what the dress code is for society anyhow? Apparently we all do.

Current Church Fashion

My family has always attended a very conservative church. I grew up knowing what I was going to put on for church – dresses or skirts naturally.

But, recently, I went with my best friend whose church is very contemporary in nature. I was amazingly surprised when I saw people walking in wearing shorts, jeans with holes in them, and T-shirts!

When I asked my friend about this, she told me that God doesn’t care what you wear, as long as you show up. I had never thought about that.

Brainwashing Today’s Woman about Fashion Clothes

The statement above also holds true for everyday life. Our parents teach us that wearing the right clothes for various occasions and those invisible “codes” are carried with us into our everyday lives.

It really is very strange that society places such importance on dressing for women when there are so many other issues that should be focused on.

Are You a Trend Setter? Or, Are You Following Current Fashion Trends?

Most females have some degree of interest in fashion, from just wanting to stay “modern” – if not uniquely up to date.

But, those of us with more than a passing fancy in watching the “trend setters”, want to know what the latest star of the big screen is using to decorate her well curved, delicious body.

We see a picture of a well-known starlet dressed in a certain way and suddenly that trendy idea shifts a tiny bit and we gravitate towards their style. Maybe it just looks way better on her, making her appear more cool than any outfit in our own closets can make us.

The Unanswerable Fashion Question?

No matter what the reason, it’s obvious that the drama and continuing question of how to dress will continue to be passed on through the generations of females hopelessly caught in the trend trap.

Let’s just hope that the manufacturers start to add a little bit more material to those little black miniskirts so that we can hide what we don’t want “them” to see and still look fantastic in the dress and skirt outfits we put together.

Alaska modeling agenciesHope you enjoyed this issue about dresses and skirts and will put this fashion page as one of your favorites. Keep reading the fashion tips on this website and you’ll find information about different types of clothing for women, and why to wear them. After all, I want to be cool too! Don’t you?

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