Do Modeling Nice Girls Really Finish Last?

Do Modeling Nice Girls Really Finish Last?

Modeling Nice Girls

Nice Models Finish Last – Truth or Fiction?

You may have heard the saying “nice guys finish last.” But, does this saying apply to modeling?

These tips for models may not be just about modeling. But, I believe they can apply to every part of your life.

First of all, I’ve met some super-nice models who went really far in their careers. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s see if this is the exception to the rule..

Many models I’ve seen on the TV reality shows believe that being kind means you are weak. And, if you’re kind, you can be easily taken advantage of.

But, is this really true?

What do we all learn early in life? We are taught…

  • Behind every smile there is an ulterior motive.
  • And, we are suspicious or skeptical of others who are kind to us.

On the contrary, kindness does not equal weakness. In fact, it takes a great amount of strength to be kind to someone who thinks differently than you, or is slowing you down in some way.

In the Bible, it says:

“Love your enemies.”

Now, this does not mean you agree with their views; or lifestyle. But, you can still try to understand why they are the way they are, can’t you?

Truth: Kind Models Many Times Become More Successful – And Happier!

Models who perform regular acts of kindness are often:

  • more successful,
  • have more social friends
  • and, are well liked more often than those who don’t.

You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force.” – Pubilius Syrus

In Modeling – How Does Kindness Help You Get Ahead of the Rest?

Below, I’ve listed 6 facts about being kind to give you an idea. I suggest you tuck these away and remember them when you’re tempted to turn on someone.

  1. Kindness increases confidence. Studies show that kindness increases your self-worth.
  2. Remember models, when you are kind and willing to help others. It sets you apart from others.
  3. Kindness creates a ripple effect. One person being kind in some way spreads to others, who in turn spread kindness. Kindness is contagious, fostering in more kindness.
  4. Being kind to someone evokes a sense of trust. In fact, studies show that even before establishing their own credibility, leaders who are kind and project warmth are more effective than those who lead by being tough.
  5. Kindness helps increase performance of others. Being kind to your photographer, makeup artist, etc. makes them happier which in turn gives them a reason to really make you look fantastic! 🙂
  6. You’ll find unity with other models, or people who work in the modeling industry. Kindness towards others can reach across barriers in:
  • language
  • gender
  • locality
  • religion

And, anything else that causes people to mis-communicate.

Overcome Challenges with Kindness

Luis Benitez, who has submitted the Seven Summits 32 times, says that kindness and compassion are essential to overcoming terrible physical and mental challenges.

He often encounters horrible challenges during his climbs.

As an example, say you see someone limping on the day you need to reach the next camp.

Instead of cursing their weakness, and ignoring the pain they are in, you stop to bandage their feet so they can keep up with you.

This is not just being altruistic. If a member of the party lost their ability to hike, your entire group may have to return to the start.

Stopping to help a colleague ensures you achieve your own goals.

Kindness is the secret to a successful and fulfilling life. This is true for models, or any other profession you decide to get involved with.

Always be kind, because your actions have a bigger impact than you realize. Kindness works not only on you, but others as well.

My final thought?

“Kindness – There’s NO Substitute!”

You’ve Decided to Become a Super Kind Model – What’s Next?

kind model

“Kindness is the secret to a successful and fulfilling life. This is true for models, or any other profession you decide to get involved with.”

Okay, even if you’re kind to every one you meet, you still have to prepare for your modeling career, don’t you?

So, check my site often, join my newsletter, and put yourself in front of people who can help you along the way.

No, some of them won’t be kind to you. You can’t control what they do.

You can only control your response.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

And remember;

“Be kind to people on your way up – You’ll meet them again on your way down.”

Take care. I wish you all the success in your modelling career! – Bob


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