A Guy Asks the Question – Do Acne Cleansers Really Work?

acne cleansersHere is a story by a guy who’s been there.

I’m talking about skin care problems like the ones you may have and whether or not acne cleansers work to get rid of them.

Have you ever wondered if what you know about cleaning your skin to prevent problems is accurate?

Consider the following video & article to compare what you know to the latest info on acne skin care solutions. Let’s see what he has to say..

Are acne cleansers really necessary?

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

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Back to the story …

At about the age of 15, I was really upset by my acne. I tried all kinds of acne products, as well as other topical treatments, and even some that were worthless, but nothing seemed to work.

It was a very difficult time in my life.

I was at that age when I was just starting to try to talk to girls, but my miserable complexion made me feel afraid to even get near them.

I don’t know if it was just my imagination or not, looking back on it, but it seemed that none of them were at all interested in talking to me. Was it my acne?

It could have been a case adolescent insecurity, but all of the acne cleansers that I used didn’t seem to work very well, and my self-esteem continued on a downward spiral.

Finally, I realized that cleaning my face was not going to take care of the problem, and that I would have to find other solutions. My father sat me down and told me that, at my age, he had the same problem.

He told me that he also had the paralyzing insecurity, the creams, the various concoctions and treatments, the girl craziness. Then, he finally found something that worked.

What worked for him wasn’t the cleansers for pimples; no amount of cleaning can really do anything to completely halt teenage insecurity.

It was a matter of taking himself in hand, and realizing that he could do anything that he set his mind to, and that he was a good enough person , acne and all!

How did I feel about that? I thought this was a bunch of nonsense when I first heard it, and decided to ignore what he said and keep trying the never-ending stream of cleaning methods.

Not an Acne Cure All, But ..

And, eventually I found one acne cleanser that worked pretty well, and did help me out a little, but not enough to really cure all of my acne.

Then I realized that products for skin alone weren’t going to be enough. My dad had been right about that part! I needed something more. At least he was right about something. d:-)

I was a junk food junkie so the answer, of course, was proper diet. As soon as I started to exercise regularly and eat less greasy fast-food, the acne on my face began to really clear up. I can’t say that it went away completely overnight. That would be ridiculous. But it did get steadily better, until it was really not that noticeable.


acne cureGuess what? Self-esteem is great, but a good complexion and a manly (or female) physique is even better.

I’ve been grateful to my dad for many things, but his advice about caring for my skin was not the best in the world.

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