7 DIY photography Tips Using Household Objects Video

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Some Cool, Just for Fun Photography Tips – Use Objects from Home for Amazing Pictures!

The video by Markus Berger shows 7 quick photography tricks and suggestions for when you get bored.

Most are fairly easy to use but I must agree with the commenter about #4 – Don’t try this one at home.

The other photo tips? Go for it! – Bob


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About the video:

Photographer Markus Berger presents a photography tutorial with tricks and tips for using household objects to improve your camera skills!

UPDATE: We received a ton of questions on this video, we answer them all here:

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Beer Cosy:
Glass Ball:
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Camera – Nikon D4:
Lens – Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm:
Editing Software – Final Cut Pro:
Editing Software – Adobe After Effects:

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Producer: Ulrich Grill, zooom productions ( )
Photographer: Markus Berger
Model: Andrea Schernthaner
Cinematography & Editing: Andrea Schernthaner

23 thoughts on “7 DIY photography Tips Using Household Objects Video

  1. These are all great tips! EXCEPT for #4. That has got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. The only thing that one is good for is getting you a trip to the ICU. It ends up just looking like a cheap photoshop effect anyways, so you might as well just photoshop it and not risk anybody having to get skin grafts.

  2. you’ve got the most brilliant tips on photography <3 Very simple but brilliant!

  3. :O :O :O These ideas are amazing and I want to do them all right now!!!! 

  4. This is just the 2nd video I’ve watched from you and I’m sold. You’re awesome. Subscribed!

  5. i like the beer holders for lenses. i will try that THANK YOU! and long time ago people used stockings before there were filters ;D

  6. hello & thank you, stunning selection of tips! having difficulty purchasing a tube light-can you advise as to where you purchased yours please? regards ap

  7. The monkey with the tablet background was photoshopped. There is no way he could hold the tablet so perfectly stable

  8. The most shoking one was that I can actually reflect light using a mirror.

  9. Definitely not impossible..but they could’ve took the picture and just straightened out the lines in Photoshop.

  10. lol, I’m sure that without stabilizing tablet this background effect will be soooooooo straight.

  11. thanks for the amazing tips! Need to run to the hardwarestore tomorrow and buy some small things to make a tripod for my phone:D

  12. Jamie Windsor ตรรราาสยยส

    ลขาร้ล ดิบววบยยยบบว

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