Do You Collect Dresses Like Dita von Teese?

Don’t you just love to go to the shops around this time of year and try on every dress you’re never going to buy? This is really where Dita von Teese dresses fit in, isn’t it? Or, you might even decide to actually wear one someplace!

Most fashion models do and so thought I’d give you a fun story to read.

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What Clothes Can Make You Do

You know, the clothes that make you feel sophisticated, the ones that cause you to get a warm and fuzzy feeling down to your toes – or maybe that red hot dress that’s so sexy you will not step out the front door in that makes you blush in the mirror?

Dita’s Collection

Well, believe it or not Dita von Teese lives out this fantasy in reality with her collection of dresses she talks about in her latest interview. Here is a short quote from the session for you to enjoy. ..

” Von Teese’s collection boasts a retro-inspired range which consists of feminine dresses that brings the concept of olde-world charm and glamour to the forefront.

The pieces are priced between 373 pounds to 620 pounds and are available on

The collection made its debut on the British market last month and according to the queen of glamour, she respects the way British women dress in the cold.”

And, the story goes on to say ..

“Von Teese is a living example that the era of “glamour” still lives within her and is perhaps waiting for a “revival” through her Dresses collection.

She has given burlesque a “new face” but can she give “fashion” the same distinction? What do you think?”

There is no doubt that this burlesque dancer can choose clothes to please judging by the pictures shown at the interview.

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She is absolutely a high class, yet sexy lady wearing her coat and garter belt with those thigh-high stockings, don’t you agree?

So, just for fun, go to the store and try on some stuff that would normally be considered out of your “reality” area and see if you can compare to this undeniable lady called Von Teese. Have fun and don’t buy too much!


Von Teese photo

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Final Thought about Dita von Teese dresses


After you get your new fashion outfit together and are ready for action, do a photo shoot using it for your poses and you can have some creative pictures to turn any head!

See you next time! – Bob Pardue








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