What are Some Different Types of Modeling? Can You Find Your Category?

In this quick video, Trudi Tapscott (modeling scout) takes you through the delicious world of modeling and, No – it’s not just high fashion for skinny girls. Watch and learn about some different types of modeling if you don’t quite fit the “normal” mold.

Maybe, you’ll discover some new career choices right for your personality and body type.

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Are you frustrated because you are not 5’11” and rail, bone showing skinny? Well, the good news is that there are other areas of entertainment where agents need exactly what you’ve got!

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Learn what it’s like to be an editorial or commercial model from model scout Trudi Tapscott in this Howcast video.

Hi. I’m Trudi Tapscott, and I want to explain a career in commercial modeling and a career in fashion. Editorial is kind of loosely only referenced to fashion. The truth is that they’re completely different types of careers.

There are models who work for commercial brands, like maybe a catalog, like Athletica, or there are a million catalogs these days that models work for and they’re more on the commercial side.

They’re never going to work for a designer.

They’re not going to be in the Calvin Klein advertising.

They’re not going to walk in a Calvin Klein show.

They’re not going to work for “Vogue Magazine”.

But they’re going to work for sort of these commercial clients and you might never know their name. But they work all the time and they make a lot of money.

I think that fashion is great and you do make a lot of money. It’s a longer road. It’s a different kind of a road. “Commercial” is not a dirty word in the sense that because you look more like a lot of different people, therefore you become sort of nondescript.

You’re the blonde girl. You’re the brunette girl they use. You’re the girl that looks great in blue. You’re the girl that looks great in black.

There are categories for those things. In commercial modeling, maybe nobody knows your name but you can make a lot of money.

So, the difference of the work is kind of the difference of the career. And commercial modeling goes on everywhere and that’s the beauty of it, is that commercial modeling goes on in Los Angeles. It goes on in Chicago. It goes on in Dallas.

Where Do You Get Commercial Modeling Jobs?

There are commercial clients everywhere in the United States. They shoot everywhere in the United States.

They might hire one principle person from New York, but they’re shooting in Florida, so they might hire a bunch of models from Miami. So, commercial modeling, because it is more accessible, it goes on everywhere.

And so that’s the difference. I would say that editorial and fashion, you need to be in a market that caters to that.

Those markets are very specific and they also are tailored around Show Week, where there’s actually a Fashion Week where people are really looking at clothes from a fashion perspective.

So, merchandising in a fashion store is much different than merchandising in a catalog company that’s selling clothes online.

Modeling career choicesThose are two totally different types of work as a model, two different types of clients. The mentality of how they sell and what they sell are completely different.

So, commercial modeling, the poses are different, the stance is different, showing the clothes is different than it is for fashion and that’s the difference between the two.

I hope these tips helped you in deciding the different types of modeling available to you although there are plenty of sub-sections to these fields. Good luck in joining the entertainment network and I hope you lots of success!

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